Street fighter 4 vs Street fighter 3 thrid strike & marvel vs capcom 3


For all of you that played it in the arcades? which one is better, sf4 is coming out soon.

Pros of sf4

  • Better Graphics (3d graphics are sweet for 2d fighting style)
  • Sicker Supers
  • Faster gameplay
  • Smoother gameplay
  • Focus Attack
  • Anime cutscene
  • Online play

Sf3 has

  • Parries
  • Other characters
  • 2d Roots
  • 3 Supers per character
  • Old skool??? to some extent

nvm about mvc3, how do u get the animated avatar?


please stop


great job!


closed in 2 seconds


How was 3s old school? And Cable had crazy combos? Umm, this has got to be a troll topic.


old skool factor of thrid strike takes it.

although it’s hard to deny the new skool factor of mvc3. I hear it’s out in mexico, but the states won’t be getting it for a while. cable roxx


how do u guys get those sweet avatars i saw. like the graphics and stuff. Like animated sprites/


feb 09, what a surprise


I hate you.


congrats to both abel_masta and eddymasta on their status with their respective characters.

And i’ll stop contributing to a troll topic now. I thought it was funny though


Anime cutscenes are ALWAYS a plus in fighting games


What do you think of Pablo_the_Mex’s post?

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shit that was sick, street fighter 4 should have had those 4 ultras, holy that was aweosme. What system is that game for?

btw guys quit hatin, cause when online is here u should be afraid of everyone that will beat u including me. You guys can’t have a discussion or what? or do u love thrid strike so much that u cant argue it.




What do you think of Pablo_the_Mex’s post?

[ ] I approve
[ ] I disapprove
[x] Ironman


I didn’t want to believe it but in the lead up to SF4 this shit is getting worse everyday… :rolleyes:


each topic you have brought up has been discussed to death for months and even years (RE: Marvel) you have brought absolutely nothing new to the table.

Please stop making topics regarding your thoughts and browse SRK for a while. If you ever have any questions, you are highly likely (and expected) to find them on your own.


These threads make me wanna write bullshit like this,


On the real, lmao at ‘‘owning online’’.


haha don’t worry ill take u out online with the worst characters. I’ll use zangief and still own u with his slow ass haha, jk i’ll prolly use abel or akuma, raging demon on yur ass haha. jk tho.

shoo: sorry man but i looked through and couldn’t find anything about the two games compared

ps. how much is a arcade stick? for xbox 360.


[x] I approve
[ ] I disapprove