Street Fighter 4 - Weird Issue

I was told to try and post in here to see if I could get a good answer, so here it goes!

Hi all, first time posting on here since I think you guys are the only ones who might be able to help me.

So I’m at college and a particular friend and I can no longer play SF4 online (says: “Unable to Participate”). However, with another friend of mine, I can host/join with no issues at all. The friend I can’t connect with has Time Warner, and I believe the ISP/Network my school uses is ResNet.

I have tried looking up into compatibility issues between the two, but as far as I know there is none. Since I can’t do anything with the router or use a VPN (Hamachi didn’t work either) and only doing port forwarding on his end won’t fix the issue, is there any “specific” way to get around this? When I was back at home we used to play all the time, but now that I’m at school he’s the only one (and a handful of other random people) I cannot play with.

Other games work fine that use other servers (Left 4 Dead,, etc).
You’re boned. You’re firewalled, he’s firewalled, so there will be no direct peer-to-peer connection. Those other games work because they use a central dedicated server. Fighting games are peer-to-peer.

Like I said though, I can play with a good handful of people, so I was just wondering if its the two Networks not being able to connect.

Thank you for the link, reading it now =)