Street Fighter 4 X-Box live issue

Hey guys, I was hoping I could get some advice or hopefully some people with “Yeah, that’s happening to me too!”. I’ve been playing this game on XBL since the day it was released, and I almost NEVER had any connection problems. I regularly play games online, and I’m always listed as 4 out of 4 bars, or 3 out of 4 on connectivity. As we speak, my X-Box (in the settings I’m looking at) sits at 3 out of 4.

However, as of last Sunday, its rare I can make it through 3 rounds of a SF4 match. I’ll get into a match with another player (with 4 bars usually, 3 at the least. I NEVER play below that), and everything is smooth and running fine. Then, all of the sudden, the game will get RIDICULOUSLY laggy and the connection drops. I thought maybe it was the network having issues, but now its been going on for over a week, I’m pretty sure its me.

What could possibly cause this?? How is it that a game, overnight (Things were awesome that Saturday night), can go from great to God Awful? And its JUST SF4 too. I still play things like Call of Duty online, and have no issues at all.

At this point, I can finish about 1 out of 4 matches I start, and with the upcoming disconnect watcher thing happening, I do NOT want to be lumped in with the nutless ragequitting crowd. I’m so frustrated, I’m honestly considering just being done. And I love this game, I’d rather not be.


  1. Try resetting router/modem.
  2. Try running internet directly from modem to xbox to see if its your router.
  3. Check the nat setting on your router to make sure your xbox is having the proper ports forwarded (youll have to look that one up)

Here are the ports for xbox live.

TCP: 80, 3074, 53

UDP: 88, 3074, 53

i had one game like that on psn this weekend…

wouldn’t drop, but there was like a 1 second slowdown lag… I still won… lol

i have an issue with the fact I can’t search for a match… never ever works… I have to start a lobby and have them come to me… :frowning:

See, I’m in my router right now, and I see no reference to the X-Box…I dont know how to do anything involving ports lol There’s a sticky at the top of this page I tried to follow, but it didn’t really help me. It had some incomplete info on what I need to do.

I’m so un-tech savvy!

I don’t think 53 is correct – that’s DNS and you’d be sending DNS queries to the DNS server designated by your ISP, not the XBL service unless they’re doing something very off. This would also be outbound traffic (from client to server) which in almost every case would already be open.
Generally, when people say “ports need to be opened”, they are referring to inbound (accepting new) connections and this is done via port forwarding processes that vary between vendors. I think Microsoft may have listed everything that’s needed in general and did not specify the direction of any of the flows. It probably causes more confusion than it helps prevent.

On my firewall at home, I created a VIP (“port forwarding” for most vendors) on my routable IP so all TCP and UDP traffic for ports 88, 2074, and 3074 goes to my [internal] Xbox IP. I wasn’t sure if 2074 was really needed, but it doesn’t harm anything to add it. After doing that, I get “Open NAT” and performance is much, much better than the dreaded ol’ “Restricted NAT”.

Also, would ports even be my issue? I mean, why would the router/modem/whatever work fine for the last year and a half I’ve had it, and then one day POOF, ports closed? That seems odd.

It’s a known “thing” that some people will actively introduce network issues in order to gain an edge…disconnect buttons, crossing a couple wires to create a bunch of mess which will cause freezes and such til wires are uncrossed, etc…
It doesn’t really do a whole lot in SF4 since both players will usually be affected equally (as far as I know), but it still happens.
It’s unlikely this is the case for you if it’s happening every time, but nevertheless it does happen on occasion.