Street fighter 4 xbox or ps3?

whats better? online, everything

im a sony fan cause the japs made this shit!

Just be like the pros and get both.

although I have a 360, i would have to say Ps3 just because of Evo being on the ps3, being able to use Ps1/2 sticks with an adapter, and having the Cthulhu (sp?) to be able to make a stick easily.

If you don’t have an arcade stick… go with PS3, it’s much better playing with the D-pad of PS3 compare to Xbox360

Both are even to me, I played it on both systems. BUT I chose xbox because I noticed it takes so damn long to load a battle even when my friend had it installed. BUT then again, PS3 is free online amirite?

xbox has better online but you have to pay for it so… tit for tat

no vs. threads.

i am really interested to hear about how the online gameplay compare. i know xbox live is 50 a month, but how is it better than psn?

50 a month? I don’t think that’s right. I think it’s 50 a year.

The difference I’ve noticed is that there are a lot more scrubs on XBL - but mainly because there are more players total.

xbox live is not 50 a month btw its 50 for 13 months i think

i have it for both systems and i think xbox is better hands down.

sorry, typo :rofl:

ps3 i would say

Both are good, but PC might end up being the definitive version.

Reading Stickies are hard.


I’m sticking w/ sony even though I have both. But I don’t believe it actually matters. Just get the joystick and be on your way to fun. :slight_smile: