Street Fighter 4

Theres been rumors of street fighter 4 coming out and all i can say at this moment is that it is true and you guys are going to shit a brick.

so everyone draw your own street fighter 4 character and post it here. I promise i will do one also…

How about you draw one first then we will do one?

SF4 is comming out? MORE INFO NOW.

Sure SF 4 is coming out. But when? It’s still Years away i reckon.

I’ll post something after I see something from someone else also. We’ll be seeing alot of Mel masters and Ryu with grey in his hair I reckon.

Oooh! Thread closed.

oh snap SFMC you still owe me 15% percent. You know what i’m talking about. i’ll post mine over the weekend.

I might contribute something to this. Maybe in the next couple of weeks. Sounds like fun!

I call him Onegin(stole it from a movie haha). I don’t know it’s just the first image that came to mind.

Onegin is pretty nice. :slight_smile: Don’t really like the name though, and his hair should go all the way to the ground and lie on it. And flow like a scarf when he fights.

I like Onegin. Very nice! Is he blind? The closed eyes sort of give me that impression. SF doesn’t have any blind Daredevil/Zatoichi/Uonuma Usui types.

Remix Alex. He now has bandages inside his gloves and rocks facial hair on his chin. Also loses the red thunder strips on his face and body. Yeah onegin is kinda wack. Did it while watching Harry Potter. Thanks for kind of liking him though. And yes he is blind. haha.

dang, you’se guys are having all the fun without me. Im a little swamped at teh moment though so I prob wont post nothing. Cool pic though SF, Blind Shaolin goes hand in hand and I could picture alex lookin like that.

eh? do you have some firm info? AFAIK, all we have right now is some non-commital comments misconstrued as fact.

that said, drawing your own characters is fun.

onegin looks like he can do genei jin and palm thrusts.

Speaking of zatoichi I just saw Zatoichi:the blind swordman . Good flick with cheesy effects. The swords are digital and they just go through people like tofu and blood teleport in from the 5th dimension.

I can’t believe that Sweet would begin a thread about drawing SF characters, and not draw one himself.

??? what the fuck are you talking about? you cant read? i SAID i WILL post something this weekend.

Seeing is believing Sweet, and talk is cheap. You’ve backed out of these types of things before. So I fully expect you to come up with some lame excuse to back out of this one.

Hopefully you’ll prove me wrong.

I still can’t get over the fact they gave the new Zatoichi blonde hair in the new version. I think I need to watch a lot more Samurai Champloo to be able to accept that, maybe I’ll just keep watching the beat boxing episode…

There’s really no official word that SF4 is in development, it’s more like they said at the San Diego Comic Con something is in the works(planning stage) and they haven’t turned their back on it, they want SF4 to blow everyone away and reinvent the Fighting Genre. There’s a whole thread on it over at the Fighting Game Discussion Boards I started called “SF4 in the Works.” Anyway, all I’m hearing from Udoneko is wait and see if SF4 pops up for SF’s 20th Anniversary 2007/2008 like Funamizu hinted at before he broke out.

Fuck it. I’m too lazy to come up with another character.

Ken’s evil. He wants Ryu’s blood.

Fuck Mel.

If i see one more shitty wacom tablet drawing I am going to puke! Form vs function, etcx! Jesus get some skills beyond what you think art should be.