Street fighter 4

(First off, I chose not to Make this Fan fic Star anybody from Street fighter as the leadin role. I simply did this to make the characters seem as strong as they are. If I used Ryu as the protagonist, Everybody would look weak or evenly matched. I’m basically going for a new face caught up in the world of Street fighter… Well here goes)

Casey was at school reading up on the internet during lunch break. He was always fong of computers. But as a warrior, He knew his inner calling. He scrolled down in his favourite website… “” . After all, He was introduced to this site by a friend of his. According to Casey’s buddy, It was a site of really cool movies with wicked special effects. Suddenly, he heard a tap at his chair located exactly next to his shoulder.

“Hey, Collins!”

It was the all familliar voice of Mel Masters. Casey wondered why the hell Mel would talk to him. They were bitter rivals who fought to prove one was better than the other.

“Whaddya want, Masters?” Casey said impatiently.

“I saw your fight last week,” Mel replied. “You beat him good. Maybe we could both enter the Street Fighter Tournament to prove which is better… Karate, or Brawling!”

“Isn’t that just a movie in the works…” Casey swallowed his pride. “Your dad?”

Mel laughed hysterically. Almost half to death at Casey’s ignorance.

“It’s an actual tournament,” Mel said. “Those clips are the real deal. Just like what we can do! Anyway, up for sparring after school.”

After school, Casey and Mel met at the riverbanks. They were both as game as the other. Mel stepped into his father’s stance. Right leg first, arms in front of chest. Casey stepped into a traditional boxing stance. Fists between him and Mel. Mel took the first punch. Casey parried it. Mel then turned the tables and Casey into a punching bag…

To be continued…

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Mel continued to beat on Casey. As far as he was concerned, Casey was screwed. Suddenly, Casey grabbed Mel by the legs. Now it was his turn to call the shots. He then used his advantage to take down Mel.

“You’re finished yapping, Masters?”

He then gathered his ki to finish shutting Mel up. Just as it looked like Mel was finished, Ken Masters stepped in and held Casey by the arms.

“Lemmie go!!!” Casey demanded.

Ken let go of Casey, Who almost defeated Mel.

“DAD!!!” Mel whined. “He’s my sparring Partner!”

“Mel, How many times have I told you to stop picking fights?” Ken replied.

“Now wait a second,” Casey said. “Why shouldn’t Mel fight? He almost had me!”

Ken was wearing a black bussiness suit, with a white shirt and a black tie. He took Casey’s coment alittle offensively but wanted to just cut to the chase. Ryu was comming to visit…

“Anyway,” Ken said. “Ryu visiting!”

Mel was excited. Casey was aware of who Ryu was, But didn’t really care.

“Casey,” Mel asked. “Wanna come to my place?”

“I guess…”

They got into Ken’s Porsche. The car ride was rather boring. All Ken seemed to listen to was ancient japanese drumming! Meeting the Ryu from “” wasn’t too much of a thrill for Casey. To him, Ryu was just another guy who’d fall down like the others.

“Why does your dad like this music?” Casey said. “There’s nothing but drumming!!!”

“I just get a feeling from this music, kid!” Ken answered

To Mel, this was just another ride home. However, To Casey Rollins, This was the worst car ride ever! He felt the urge to just lie down, but he stayed awake just to see the look on the faces of the ladies Ken drove by. Mel waved to all the ladies. Ken’s cell phone began ringing.

“Oh, Hi honey… Yeah, Mel’s fine… Ryu’s there already?!.. I’m inviting one of Mel’s classmates over… Thank you for understanding… Relax, I’m sure Ryu isn’t gonna do anything out of his idea of the ordinary… Love you, Bye!”

The car stopped right infront of a huge mansion. Mel looked at Casey’s facial expression. He was so shocked to know that Ken Masters was this rich. His eyes bugged out wide and his mouth opened wide. You know the look.

“Rollins, You there!” Mel asked.

“Yeah… I didn’t think you were this rich!”

Ken and his son got out of the red porsche. Rollins took a little while from all the shock to get out of the car. Ken handed him a cell phone.

“Need to call your parents?” Ken asked.

“Yeah…” Casey said almost out of breath. “…Thanks…”

Casey dialed his phone number. His Dad picked up.

“Hey, Casey!”
“Dad, I’m over at Mel’s studying. I’ll be home a little late!”
“Okay, My boy! Just try not to study too hard! See ya!”
“Bye, Pops!”

Casey disconected. A strange looking man stood outside Ken’s mansion. He looked very dirty, yet extremely powerful. Dressed in an all season gi and a headband, There was no question that he was the infamous “Ryu”. Mel walked up to the powerful Ryu.

“<Please teach me the Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku!>”

“Tornado spin kick?” Casey interupted.

Because Casey’s mother was japanese, He could easily understand what Mel had just said. Ryu looked back at Casey, Amazed that he understood japanese.

“<Hey Ken! This lad reminds me of you>” Ryu commented laughing.

He patted Casey’s head. Ryu already seemed to get along with him already. Casey just gave a goofy smirk. A very attractive blonde woman walked towards Ken. He kissed her casually.

“You mom?” Casey asked Mel.

“Yeah!.. Whaddya say Me, You, My dad, And Ryu head over to the dojo?”

Everybody but Mel’s mother rushed over to the dojo to start training.

Chapter 4
Enter Gill

Gill sat in his throne watching Casey’s fight with Mel. Mel had trained since he was very young. Casey on the other hand was genetically built for it. Twelve entered his room accompanied by a couple of Gill’s scientists.

“We made improvements to Twelve’s genetic code!” One of them said. “He can finally use projectiles without the aid of his X.C.O.P.Y. ability.”

“Good,” Gill replied. “Now Twelve, I have a new mission for you. Capture Casey Rollins. But make sure he’s alone…”

Little did they all know, Necro and Effie were spying on Gill. The bookshelf they hid behind was a very odd shape. It looked as if it was bent forwards. Effie locked shocked to see that Gill was at it again. Necro suddenly noticed that Twelve saw him.

“Effie, Stay here!” He whispered to her.

He then jumped out from behind the bookshelf.

“Hey,” Necro commanded. “Let’s get it on!”

Twelve attempted to stab necro with his arms. He easily dodged Twelve as if he was dancing with Effie. Arrogantly, He decided to finish Twelve there and then. Suddenly, it knocked him out of the building.

“Good work, my minion!” Gill said with a smile.

Twelve stabbed the bookshelf where Effie was standing. Fortunately she ducked out of the way and escaped with ease…

Chapter 5
Gouki’s Reincarnation.

Eight years ago…

Yuji was with his parents on a Yacht. They were argueing about whether to stop at a nearby island or not. He was only eight but could handle swiming on his own. The unusual thing was that He had his hair up alot like a legendary warrior.

“<Yu-Chan,>” His mother said. “<We’re gonna stop at that Island!>”

“<I can’t wait!>”

They stopped at the island. Yuji wandered in the woods on his own. The trees trecherously hit him as he ran deeper. A powerful gust tried to push him back, But Yuji was persistant. Too Persistant. As he continued on He saw a cave that contained many strange shrines. He walked in to pay his respects. Within seconds, The infamous Gouki had found his host. With a blinding flash, The happy, innocent soul of Yuji Nagai was destroyed. His body was reduced to being the hideous nightmare that came to be Gouki.

Mr. and Mrs. Nagai were heading along the beach. They noticed a pair of red lights in the middle of the woods where their son went. Instantly, Yuji, As least they thought it was him, stepped out towards them.

“<Yu-Chan,>” Said Mrs. Nagai. “<We’d better head back to Tokyo!>”

Gouki didn’t look too pleased with with the Mrs. Nagai adressed him. Instantly, A hole was torn through her torso. All Mr. Nagai could do was give out a look of absolute terror.

“<Do you really think that I’m you foolish son?>” Responded Gouki. “<Weak shell for a weak soul… I doubt I’ll enjoy killing you…>”

Upon hearing those words, Mr. Nagai took out a revolver. He couldn’t stand living with the deaths of his wife and son. He slowly pulled it to his head. Gouki decided that he was better off being the next victim. Same fate as his wife.

“<Changed my mind!>” He said. “<You’ll joun your wife…>”

<<Shun Goku Satsu>>
Before Mr. Nagai could pull the trigger, Gouki created an orb of fatal energy as he wrapped Mr. Nagai in it. He may have been a sales division chief of a small company, But he put many people in poverty. This indeed deserved death in Gouki’s eyes. The orb energy let up. Nobody was in sight. The corpses Yuji’s Parents were vapourized. The Yacht faced the same sad fate on that horrid day.

What would have been Yuji’s 16th birthday was just another day of training for this demonoc parasite. He continued to dwell on his past life. On how Ryu always defeated him. And thought about all the people he killed with no feeling of guilt… Not even for the fate of Yuji himself. He knew that Ryu was now 48 years old. And that the new Gouki was only 16. But his interest now switched to Mel Masters…

OOC: It was actually Necro that killed Twelve with his last breath…

Chapter 6
The horrible sight

Casey rang the doorbell of his house. Because nobody answered, He knocked. Still there was no answer. He continued to knock harder and harder until he noticed blood leaking from under the floor. A feeling of terror ran through his entire body. The Icy nature of Casey’s fear had gripped him in a strong bind.

“Dear god, NO!!”

Summing up all of his willpower, He broke down the door. The entire first floor was coated with blood coming from upstairs. He knew to assume the worst. There was enough blood to assume that his entire family was killed. With no time to waste, He rushed upstairs. He noticed a strange mutant lying at the end of the stairs. It was only seconds before it would die on him, leaving unanswered questions.


The mutant moved his lips slowly.

“My name’s Illia… But you could call me Necro…”

Necro had a male russian accent. The strange thing was the fact that he even existed.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t save your mother…”

Before he could finish, A strange creature of a murderous nature reached in for the kill. With his last ounce of strength, He induced a powerful electric current into it’s body.

“You…” Necro sighed.

It was giving in to Necro’s electric current. Casey had a chance to avenge his mother. The killer being grew resistant to his attack.

“Time to die!!!” Casey excaimed.

<Buster shot>
He gathered his energy into his hands. A ball of energy appeared. Instantly, He fired it at the creature.

“12… is dead…” Necro sighed with a last breath.

Within seconds both intruders died. Casey really had some explaining to do. About the corpses. And everything else.

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Chapter 7
Battle of the decks

Yun and Yang were in New York, at the X-Games. Yun was skating along with a long, black haired kid. He wore a jacket, jeans, red chuck taylor converses and had red eyes. He and Yun were competing to win a skateboarding contest.

“Hey,” The red eyed kid said. “I didn’t know that skating was involved in kung fu!”

“Well kid,” Yun said. “I never met anybody with a corny name like Ace!”

“Ace Blackman!”

Ace then went down into the half pipe. He came back up with a flying squirrel. He then came back towards where he came from. He did a 360 indy then a kickflip. After going back to the otherside, As he rose he then performed a 900 nosegrab. He then went into a manual, switched to a pogo, then a handstsnd and left.

“I’ll show you what skating is!” Yun said.

Yun then went down. He rose, doing a 540 melon to a stale fish. He came back up with an invert. He held it for more than 30 seconds. He went back down and did a nose manual, then went into a 5-0 grind on the judge’s panel.

“Nice!” Ace said. “I’m not gonna fake the funk… That was good!”

“I know I’m good,” Yun replied. “You’re not bad yourself… For a lame ass!”

“What kind of trick was holding the invert?”
“A thing called patience and winning with a focused mind.”

Ace couldn’t believe that Yun was telling him off. Before he could do anything rash. The judges declared Ace the winner.

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Chapter 8

A younger guy with a blue denim jacket and white t-shirt walked up to Ace. He was a fighter, but was nowhere near top tier. As a matter of fact, he was too busy being a part of Ace’s fanbase to be a fighter.

“Ampherne!” Ace said. “What the hell are you doing here!”

“I was just enjoying your performance, Master!” Ampherne said.

Ampherne was a student of Ace. After he obtained victory over the mightiest fighters in the game, Ampherne decided to be his pupil and learn how to summon the power of flame. Little did he know, Ace’s fire was granted by his bloodline. However, he would never accept no for an answer.

“Show me the secrets of the Phoenix clan again, Master!”


Casey lost his mother. However his father came to reassure him that everything was okay. Suddenly, More 12s rushed into Casey’s house and kidnapped him.

“LET ME GO!!!” He cried.

Casey was now far from sight and thousands of feet in the air…

Casey woke up wearing his favourite hat. He was in a big room that looked very unfamiliar. There were paintings of a blond haired half red, half blue man. The red side held flames and the blue side held Ice. He thought that this person was just a painting of a fictional diety.

“Nice painting… Perhaps I should steal it some time…!” He thought.

Suddenly, a bright glowing figure walked into the room. The figure’s glow then weakened to reveal the man from the painting. The shocking thing was that he was real.

“I am your savior,” He said. “But you can call me Gill!”

“So You’re the one who killed my mother?!”

“The twelves disobeyed my order… Normally, A god such as myself wouldn’t say this, but I am forced to appologize for such a loss!”


“I have a favour to ask of you… You see this child!”

He then created a hologram out of pure flame. It took the shape of the recently famous Ace Blackman. The hologram then provoked Casey.

“I want you to capture him. I have a use for his blood!”

“What If I fail?”

“Your father and sister… They die as well!”