Street Fighter 5 and Dualshock4!

This thread is mainly geared towards pad users in particular and their experience thus far on the DS4 on SF5. Now i was always a pad player, mostly with Playstation pads as i have felt that they were quite satisfactory especially DS3 SF4.

With SF5 i have played in the stress test and in the beta thus far and i think that the DS4 works relatively well in this game. This may be because SF5 is not as execution heavy as other games but overall things were smooth. I have had troubles with Guilty Gear Xrd, especially with the diagonal inputs but it does not seem to be the case with SF5 usually as much.

The only thing that has happened to me couple of times is that i would be holding down-back and the game will keep reading alternating down and down-back inputs. This was only noticeable to me with Bison but it only happened with one of my DS4 and did not with the other.

So I am interested in hearing other opinions especially from dedicated pad players.

Not a dedicated pad player but so far my experience is mostly positive.
I lose my shit though when I try a deep uppercut from crouching, mash the shortcut and get super for my troubles, that shit never happens on stick and I thought shortcuts were supposed to assist pad players.
Isn’t there a more elegant solution to ease special/super move usage on pad?

I’ve switch back to pad since my stick is jacked up. Been a pad player for the past 20+ years. This SF is very pad friendly. You don’t need the button layout for inputs with the buffer and I’ve always executed better on pad anyway so it’s all good

This keeps happening to me sadly. It seems to be quite lenient if you’re playing motion, but I find it a pain in the ass playing a charge character. Wanted to play Bison but I keep messing up my inputs ;_;

At one point I tried using my Vita as the controller, as I prefer the d-pad on there, but the lack of L2/R2 was throwing me off for heavy inputs.

My experience has also been mostly positive. Except for the shitty d-pad DualShock 4 has, so far I don’t really have issues with executuon, especially one I get used to combo timings and such. Supers feel to be easier than SF4, as I had to issues doing simple stuff like j.HP -> cr.MK -> Hadoken -> Super with Ryu, while Ultras are a pain in the ass for me (since you can’t really input 3-punches or 3-kicks unless you have a fightpad or map them to bumpers, and the 3P/3K macro is very unreliable IMO

But otherwise it’s really good, especialy I like that the sticks are a bit smaller than DS3 and further away from the d-pad, which often fucks me over in SF4 since I might slightly bump into the left stick with my thumn (especially because it’s a bit broken and gets stuck in one position)

I keep accidentally jumping, to the point where I’m tempted enough to just disable up on the d-pad and just play a fully ground based Ryu.

I’ve been pad player for 20+years as well, but that was out of pure laziness. My thumb is very wide and I end up pressing unintended d-pad inputs…so I told my self i need to learn to play stick properly. I’ve been running the beta primarily on stick as I truly would love to get better with stick.

That PS4 dpad looks terrible and those analog triggers look meh tier. The face buttons for Sony pads have always been decent tho.

Was more of a Sega Genesis/Saturn pad guy when I was using pad. Been using Sanwa sticks for the least 9 years now though.

i hated using the ps4 dpad. i’m definitely going to have to buy a proper fight pad for sf5. shame because i had no problems with the dual shock 3 for sf4.

The Dualshock 4 is a jagged nightmarescape of thumb based torment for people with larger hands.

It does feel better on SFV than SFIV for sure. I still wanna learn stick better, but the pad is more than serviceable this time around IMO.