Street Fighter 5 Fan Roster Thread


i thought it would be a good idea for us to make up a roster for characters to be in street fighter 5 .

i think sf5 should be set after sf3.

i’ll start :

ryu. now an old master.
he should replace akuma/gouken as the hidden boss of the game.

please post your ideas for sf5 characters.


sfV is SFIII! I like the idea of ryu as a hidden char though. Maybe ken is the new mid boss haha.


Hahahahah :lovin:


Lol… Very Good One… I wasn’t expecting this.


so nobody got any good ideas for sf5 charcaters?
i was hoping this thread would inspire some of the good artists on here to produce some original work.

i had an idea for akuma, i have put togtehr some images the best i can to try and convay the concept.
maybe somebody could draw them out good/properly for me?


akuma - now nothing but an old husk, nothing remains except rage and spirit.
he no longer uses fireballs and shoto special moves.
think of him playing like a demon flipping makato.


body concept

he should look a little like this.
an old and starving face, ribcage and abdomen but with really developed pectorals ,biceps and arms.

what do ya think?


Keep the fireballs and thats not a bad idea.

I might try and sketch it up sometime.


I’d like do see also some kind of Dudley’s Apprentice, but faster and cooler. Like that boxer from Real Bout 2.


so need a boxer in any future sf game.
i love dudley but not sure if i’d be happy with a dudley ‘light’.


i had an idea in the future, ryu finds his true potential. he changes a bit. he becomes monk like and just wipes major ass without having to throw a punch. i drew some pics of it.

lol at that ryu with the long beard, reminds me of rasputin