Street Fighter 5 Feels like an early access game?


I as many, was greatly anticipating the release of Street Fighter 5. But with everything that’s going on the Disconnections to the lobbie issues to the fps drops ranging from a couple fps to nearly 30 fps. And even to the bare bones story mode which can be fully completed with every character in an alarmingly short amount of time. The things that they said would happen is something we need to wait for. They even had plenty of betas to figure these issues out but still to no avail.
PS: This is not an original idea either, after reading online issues and discussions i thought i would ask what do you guys think? I personally think this is complete bs. But i do believe it’s certainly possible i am blowing this out of proportion, so again i figure i would get the thoughts on this.


This early access game is an infinitely better online game than whatever Ultra SFIV was.


Street Fighter V feels like Street Fighter V.


For you it feels like an early access game. For me it feels like a breath of fresh air.


It feels like a full game to me.


The game will be supported for years to come. We haven’t even seen nothing yet. They followed the business model Iron Helix took with KI and look at the game it is now. Give it some time.


I’m enjoying SFV. I have it on PC and PS4, but I don’t disagree that it feels like an early access game. It’s fun as hell but it’s feature set is threadbare. I mean the lack of an arcade mode and Vs. CPU mode is inexcusable. Earlier today, I was playing through single player content on PC to compensate for the downtime in getting matches on PS4. Prior to release Capcom was talking about reaching out to more players with SFV, but the lack of single player content is going to turn off casuals. I hope for the sake of the franchise that they’ll be able to attract them back after the game is more feature rich in a few months.


Can we please stop making threads such as this? We have like a dozen of other topics dedicated to same thing, which is lack of content in SFV


I actually don’t mind lack of certain content, since they will add in the future.


If you name SFV as early access game, you really don’t know what the term actually means…


Yeah. Early access fits it quite well.
At least the gameplay is fleshed out and us hardcore players got something to sink our teeth into.
In terms of a 60 bucks release the game is a joke tho.


36 bucks on PC. Master Race


Definitely early access. This game has so many problems and missing content i dont really understand how anyone can argue the fact. Is the game enjoyable, sure it is but that doesnt change the fact that the game is very barebones and just poorly made


Except for PS4 version USF4 played fine online when launched. The only issue was the “new” characters had problems but nothing that flat out broke the game and made it unplayable. Just irritating stuff. SFV had a ton of missing stuff and flat out didn’t work at launch. It’s gotten better but it still has many many issues on PC.

BTW SFV now the 2nd lowest rated playstation street fighter game on any console after USFIV.


Early access Fighting Games typically don’t have a full roster that’s fully balanced and ready for competitive play.


I agree with the idea going around that SFV has been terribly marketed by Capcom for what they have been trying to achieve. The current draft of SFV should not have been labeled as the full launch of the game but more of the “online” or “tournament” edition pre-release and they should have spent all their advertising dollars closer to the June content update that will be the full game. Even an early access label would have helped them avoid the negative points in the reviews (most I have seen have been the 8/10 range but review number averages are so fucked up who knows what that means anymore).

This might have also been caused by SFIV’s history and that being the game that pushed them away from the update re-release model. This skeleton game made the first edition so they wouldn’t scare off those who bought vanilla SF4 and didn’t buy into Super last time 'round. The thing is though, the massive updates coming in March and June would have been much better marketing as early access content updates instead of their current label of missing launch content.

Too much hindsight is what probably got Capcom into this situation.


Early access, alphafunding, or paid-alpha is a funding model in the video game industry by which consumers can pay for a game in the early stages of development and obtain access to playable but unfinished versions of the game, while the developer is able to use those funds to continue work on the game.

Just because it isn’t called an early access game doesn’t mean that it isn’t. They released a game that is maybe 1/3rd of what was promised in the complete version and they even charged the FULL price of $60. Don’t just look at this game as a member of the fgc but as a consumer. How is it that in 2016 people think this is okay? They have had time/money/betas and still released sf5 in this current shape. It might be enough to quench the thirst of competitive/some casual fgc members but by no means is this a complete game.


Why yes it does have that, the simple fact that with all the issues going on and the bugs it feels like an early access game. competitive play and being able to play online to do said competitive play is a massive difference. now there are those who have a big local fighting game community so they may not have these effects of said issues that i brought up. But still when you add everything up that it has to offer it feels like an early access game, so much is missing it’s crazy


And they will get sorted in time. The game is like an investment. Patience goes a long way.


This release just confirm that SFV was a free to play game in capcom’s mind.
It’s an early access? I say no simply because the gameplay and the netcode is already there. But, it is “early access” content wise.
For me, it’s not the single player content that matters right now to me, but the overall online experience is lacking some love: CFN is really, really weak right now, it simply doesn’t feel like an online platform to me, no lobbys, no chat room, no spectator mode, capcom needs to do a lot of work. Than, to me the game lack some personality and iteration between characters, just cut the intro cinematic and give some more unique animations on start up for some matches (like Alex vs Hugo in third strike), stages also are pretty bland and flat, they really don’t capture the feels of a fight with all the characters in the background just dancing, and cheering like idiots . Add more tracks, and polish some sound effect (i really don’t like the sound when you block, it’s sounds like pounching a bag of plastic).

With every update, Capcom should hype it to the star, releasing videos (for alex, story and gameplay trailer) and banner in the game itself.
If SFV wants to be the NEXT fighting game in years, it needs to lock at platform and long living game like DOTA 2 or Path of Exile. Capcom needs to step up and jump to the next level, the game just needs to FEEL like a living and evolving experience, not just a platform to find matches.