Street fighter 5 ideas


heres an idea: stop posting


Let capcom do it.


It should only have two playable characters with identical movesets.

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your done being a scrub at SF4 already?? Geez play some guilty gear.


3d with lots of loli girls in bathing suits.


It would be even nicer to have Akuma throwing Ryu into a volcano, then make him come back 20 years later as a cyborg or sumthin, also have Chun-Li and Cammy into Cryogenic state to keep them young and make Sodom some sort or vengeful forest spirit that comes after Sagat :looney:


wrong section, and duplicated thread


I think Sol-Badguy should be added along with Shin Akuma, Evil Shin Ryu, and Naruto.


Not SFIV update, i mean like a whole nother game.


i dont know why but i feel offended by this post :wasted:, maybe im reading it wrong


nvmnd i was reading it wrong

still, this kind of thread pops always and then get closed


Ryu should finally be a playable character.




Here’s an idea for Street Fighter 5:
It shouldn’t be made.

SFIV just came out in February, geez :rolleyes:


Hey, OP…



It should have all the characters from the EX series, play just like EX + Alpha, have updated graphics, excellent netcode and be called Street Fighter EX + Alpha Redux.



Damn dude SF4 just came out and you want SF5 already?? Whats up with that…


Street Fighter 4 Ideas: The Street Fighter 5 Edition Turbo


Lol yeah…theyre probably going to make installments or something…

Super Street Fighter 4 Turbo…lol… With new characters and stuff lol


Supah street fiytah fo turbo hd remix da new challengas


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