Street fighter 5 ideas

real talk 2009

Add Urien and Aegis Reflector. Add Hugo maybe Makoto and Dudely. Add Remy and kill Guile. Add a little drum n bass to music. Screw Ultras and add Yun and Yang with Gemini Jin.Add the parry feature and host tournaments. Can’t forget to add Guy and Sodom. SF alpha 5 last strike: Evil Birdie as boss character.

My fight moneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey

Another one of those idea threads?

They should give sagat his eye back.

You’re fucked. Might as well throw all your clothes in the garbage and buy brand new ones.


hey guys

at what point did i say

“I want sf5 now and am tired of sf4”

I wasn’t asking for serious answers, just shouting out idea’s for the fun of it

do you guys have to meet your daily quota of calling people scrubs?

can we all pretend i made the first post and it was “heres an idea: stop posting” and then i closed the thread through my amazingly uncreative burn.

It depends if you’ve met your daily quota of saying scrubby things.

grabs r cheap
projectiles r cheap
supers r cheap
attacking is chep

cool sig bro

you are a scrub

make ryus next alt. costume a red thong.