Street Fighter 5 pricing model thoughts for online multiplayer

When Street Fighter 5 was announced, the 1 thing I hoped Capcom would adapt was a pricing model similar to the new Killer Instinct or League of Legends, where anyone could download the multiplayer and play as a few different characters that would be on rotation every week.

This would eliminate the barrier of entry and allow new players a chance to try different characters, become comfortable with the game and potentially continue to play and invest in the game (buy characters, costumes, etc.).

Players would have the option to purchase a character using real money or the new “fight money” in game currency. Capcom has already announced that we are able to purchase all future characters with “fight money”, and I think they should extend this payment method to the full roster.

Yesterday an interview was posted online stating Capcom wants Street Fighter 5 to be the “League of Legends of Fighting games”, and I think changing the pricing model for multiplayer is the first major step towards that.

I’m sure everyone has a different opinion on this, and I am curious to hear what pricing model other people think is best for Street Fighter 5’s online multiplayer ($60.00 upfront buy in, lower cost for the multiplayer only, free to play, etc.)

I’m kinda lost at what the intended point is, the current model sounds like the best system for a fighter yet, KI was definitely new but I don’t think it was the perfect formula ESPECIALLY at it’s launch when it had a serious lack of characters, it just didn’t work for me at all. However in SF5’s case just fork out for the full retail and you’re done, FOREVER with an initial 16 character cast. This enables Capcom to produce the new downloadble content with the funds acquired and we the players get their support throughout it’s lifespan. The icing on the cake is that due to the Sony partnership this is likely going to last a long time and ensure Capcom can continue to support it with Sony backing them up. I’m not seeing your point, SF5 as it stands is a fantastic deal for the fans and the pricing model you’re talking about seems inferior and unnecessary, if you’re put off by not wanting to pay a dime for the initial game then I don’t think a F2P version is going to entice you further, a demo serves the purpose of enticing the purchase and I don’t think Capcom need to go to such lengths to offer a free experience for players, you’re paying for the initial release and continued support, it isn’t a freebie. Once you’ve purchased though you are basically done if you’re an absolute online monster, you’ll have enough Fight Money to buy the future DLC.

Making use of the in-game currency model would really help them out for future characters though. Offer a short one-time-only trial price for any new characters announced via fight money for 1/10th of their actual price. This way you can entice players into actually wanting to purchase any new characters by giving them a taste of them.

I do see your point because League of Legends is what it is directly because you can play it for FREE. You don’t need a crazy computer and you can start doing things in the game even with 0 dollars.

SFV is banking on sales as it is a typical AAA fighting game meant to sell and make money off initial hard and digital copies. I do agree that some type of free option would help them get to their dream of the League of Legends of fighting games a bit faster. You’re going to get more people by allowing an absolutely free option than a forced 60 dollar pay option. That’s pretty logical.

Having the multiplayer free gets rid of the barrier of entry completely for new players. For example I have a group of friends who would be all over this game if the multiplayer was free to play (like League or Killer Instinct), but since it’s a $60 cost up front they most likely will never touch it. And it’s not about them being cheap, it’s about the game being accessible to everyone.

Fighting games are hard enough to get into already, and a $60 entry fee doesn’t help at all. My friends are casual but would buy 1 or 2 characters that they really liked at the start and probably end up buying more characters/costumes etc. as they came out (that’s more money than capcom would of made otherwise).

The point I was trying to make is getting rid of the initial 60 upfront would bring way more players in, potentially making Capcom more money in the long run as well as having a bigger scene (competitive and casual). Capcom has stated they want SF5 to be the League of Legends of fighting games, and 1 key reasons to Leagues success is it is free and open for everyone to play and get hooked.

Surprisingly, the OP’s wish might just be granted if the following statement is anything to go by:

So there is a possibility Capcom might actually do both 60$ version with all the features and just the F2P version with like Ryu and Chun there

What they do not understand is that what makes League of Legends and Dota 2 so big is that everyone has access to it.
A 60$ paywall plus ingame currency will not bring the game into the e-sports mainstream,
The free to play model without ripping people off with ingame advantages is what makes these games so popular.

Look at Starcraft 2, same shit. Blizzard tries to make it big e-sports every way they can, but they still struggle for players and viewers and aren’t really relevant in the e-sports circuit outside of Korea, while Hearthstone racks up viewers like no tomorrow.
What’s holding Capcom and Sony back in making the next big e-sports title, is fear of failing financially and that ironically will net them less of a profit than if they went in on free to play.

It’s just a whole world of fucking difference if someone who has 0 interest in fighting games, gets asked to play Street Fighter with some of his online friends and he is told that he just has to shell out 60$ to play the game, as opposed to League/Dota/Hearthstone where they tell him that he just has to download it and play with them.
Then the microtransactions are another point. They’re really MICRO. You never shell out more than $20 at a time, mostly $5-10 even less, making you feel like you don’t spend much to support the developer and look cool ingame.

When you play games like these you do not really realize how quickly you blow $150 dollars into a game in just a couple of weeks.

The idea of free to play is to make EVERYONE try the game at some point of their lives at least once by word of mouth, which in turn nets you the biggest possible number of long time players.
Man I know people playing League and Dota who otherwise wouldn’t have ever touched any video game at all and now they shell out the money in the ingame store.
Those people would have never paid $60 dollars to play a “stupid game”.

What makes it even worse for long lasting mainstream success is that not only do you have to pay 60 bucks for the game, you cant just go and play it and either need to buy a 50 bucks controller or 200 bucks fightstick.
Those other games work with a standard keyboard and mouse.

We don’t even know how much $$$ has Sony provided towards SF5. It might just as will be the exact same situation as with Shenmue 3 when they cover the publishing expenses i.e.:

  • The games’ promotion via Trailers (on their YouTube channel) and the EU/US Blog posts
  • Providing Capcom with the devkit consoles
  • Covering the digital version publishing on the PSN servers (and putting it up on sale through PS Store)

Everything else is most likely funded only and only by Capcom themselves

Wasn’t really my point though. Just wanted to say why free to play is the future of e-sports/competitive/multiplayer gaming and why.

Even if Capcom sticks with the forced 60 dollar pay option, it will still be the number one competitive fighting game by default and will most likely still have 2 to 3,000 people playing at Evo. The game will still sell millions of copies and have an active player base even if they stick with the standard AAA model.

It’s just if they want something where like everyone and their mom and their aunt’s aunt is playing it, a free to play option is the only way they’re going to get close to that.

If they simply want to be the premier/most viewed fighting game during streamed tournaments, they’re pretty much already set for success by default. It’s just becoming this mega huge thing similar to League of Legends will still be a tall order even with both PC and PS4 as options since the game will most likely require a more heavyweight PC to run than LoL.

@Fatal1ty_93_RUS there’s nothing in that artcile that specifically states free to play is where they want to go. You could assume that they’re figuring if they just sell a shit ton of discs and offer free ways to get future content that they’ll be good to go for their current goal. Which honestly isn’t that hard to achieve since SF already is the biggest eSports fighter.

Yeah SF will be the biggest fighting game for sure. I’m just a little sad since I see some wasted potential here, but I totally understand that their route is the “safer” route and it seems that Japanese devs think about risk first.

Yeah, the article doesn’t outright say that Capcom is doing an F2P version of the game for people to get into SF5 and see if it’s their cup of tea or not. I’m just assuming that if Capcom wants to be at LOL’s level of popularity - one could argue that they are looking not just HOW to reach that level, but WHY League of Legends has reached that level, which is prety much a nonexistent entry barrier, you just download the client, register an account, and you’re done - you can start playing immediately after and rise to the top without any money investment

Of course knowing Capcom they might just stay with “Buy our game for 60$ and get DLC for free” model, but who knows - Capcom has been doing a lot of right things as of late, I wouldn’t exclude the possibility of adopting KI’s model of having an absolutely free version of SF5

As a die hard KI fan, I have to say that I am NOT a fan of the model they did for S2 with releasing 1 character a month. I would have rather them waited to release the full season all at once.

When you have 1 character coming out each month, it just completely changes how you can approach the game. It was kind of like okay let me check out this character, mess with him for a little bit, then next thing you know a month later, you just rinse and repeat this process. It was more of like just trying something out and saying “ok cool, wonder what the next one will be like”. And then I’d just go back to my main.

Additionally, when the new character would come out, all you would see online is those new characters. Since there was 1 new character a month, it is kind of hard to decide which one you want to actually try and learn, because you aren’t sure if you like the one you are playing as much as you may like a future character.

Then with all of the nerfs/buffs that come along with the patches, it can make the characters you have learned change a little bit. My main (from launch) is Glacius. Thankfully he hasn’t changed THAT much. My S2 “main” was Combo, but again, that was pretty much because I could play him from day 1 of season 2. He was also my main in KI1, so I wanted to pick him up in this game.

I hope that with SF5 they don’t release 1 character at a time. I hope that they release bunches of characters at a time in “seasons” or whatever. Overall though, I’m not a fan of just having a huge roster to have a huge roster. I don’t like how many characters are in USF4. I prefer smaller casts, and I think 16 is perfect to start with. If it were up to me, I’d say to have 2 additional “seasons” with 8 characters each, for a total of 32 in SF5 and keep it at 32.

Although, I do think if they had a “free” version where it was just 1 rotating character you could use for free, that could definitely help out getting people into the game. That I don’t have a problem with. Actually the whole pricing model of KI i have no problem with, just HOW they released the content.

I think as long as the 60 dollar option exist… And maybe rotate 2 characters every 3rd week or so for the “free” online only version that would be fine. I’m buying the game but those who have no idea what street fighter is that would be a good place to start.

Yeah exactly, fans like us will buy the $60 game no problem. The free online option with a few characters on rotation (which they can purchase individually) would be for new players trying the game out. If they like the game they always have hte option to buy the $60 package also. It’s just to get more people into the game and grow the scene as easily as possible.

This is precisely what I have been thinking would be an interesting approach. It would rope people in without them having to commit to buying the full game, and by participating online, they’ll be introduced to a swathe of new characters they could potentially use were they to commit to the full purchase.

Naturally online would literally be a SEA of Ryus and Chuns (unless perhaps F2P dudes were issued a random character?), but it would definitely boost raw numbers and likely bring in a lot more committed players once they got hooked.

I don’t see Capcom doing this however. They just don’t strike me as a particularly open minded developer in this area.