Street Fighter 5 spoilers

Sitting alone on a beach, Charlie breaks free of Bison’s influence in a quick scene. Then we shift to Sagat and Ryu. The have a brief scuuffle but Sagat ends the fight prematurely. He has come to warn Ryu that Bison is interested in him and might be planning to brainwash him into one of his slaves. Sagat does not like this because he wants to fight Ryu fairly. He tells him to leave the dojo and that they’ll meet in the next Street Fighter Tournament. Meanwhile, Sakura and Kei make their way to the dojo. Kei mentins that Sakura and Karin(!) fight everyday at school. While driving to the shrine Chun Li and Guile encounter Charlie. Charlie confirms to Chun Li that her father is dead. Bison orderd his 12 dolls(!) to fight him. Cammy was the one who delivered the killing blow. Bison then shoots Charlie from an airplane. Chun Li and Guile attack Bison but he easily shrugs them off. Then Charlie and Bison get into a big fight scene which ends in both of them falling off a ciff(Charlie did a somersault justice to break the cliff) Chun Li and Guile wonder if Bison is really dead since they have witnessed his incredible psycho power. At the shrine, Ryu comes face to face with Akuma. Uh oh.

The back up story features a short fight between Vega and Cammy. Vega atacks Cammy and gives her her tradmark scar. Cammy quickly retaliates with a powerful kick and the fight is over. Later, Vega sees Cammy in her experimental tank and remarks that they will see which one of them is the strongest.

Pretty good issue but things happened kinda fast. I kinda prefer the previous artists than the one doing this issue. Loved seeing the Dolls. Hopefully in the future there will be a great scene between Cammy and Chun Li about her father. The fight between Bison and Charlie was cool. So was seeing the fanart in the back of the issue.


do i need to say how hot cammy looked? damn…

this issue did seem kind of short, i was really satisfied.

i didnt understand what happen to charlie, did his evil powers come back?

i didnt find it beleiveable that he sliced a peice of the landscape with his kick.

That sounds like a really cool issue, well if that’s how Chuck’s gotta go at least he tried to ff Bison, wow so after getting shot he still fought Bison? Sweetness cheesness:D
And the Cammy stuff sounds cool

Definately a great issue. It was fast paced, a little too fast, but the story and layout of everything was well done. Great backstory this issue! Cammy fans must have gotten a treat! The dolls even made a nice little appearance and I liked seeing the flash back to the first scene of issue 1. Thanks Udon!

Good shit, as usual. Sagat was too pimp. He scared the living bejeesus out of Ryu, then did his whole honorable shit thing and told all of Bison’s shit to Ryu. To top it ALL off, he talked some shit at the end, telling Ryu to get ready for the real fight.

Psycho Charlie was too good. For once, I can say the comic threw me off guard.

As for the backup story…:sweat: bootylicious! Being a Cammy fan, I cannot properly display my thanks to you guys. How did you manage to get that last scene past the censors, though?:eek:

Cheap Shots was better than ever. The car game STILL ownz.

Yeah, #5 was really cool. Unfortunately, the story really is moving too fast and i hope that when we get to the SF2 story arc, the story development happens more slowly and gradually. It’s just hard to tell what’s going on right now and what to believe. Maybe the characters need lifebars on top of their heads to show how bad Bison has hurt them. Plus not everything is fully explained, etc. etc… I’m hoping that once things get stable, there will be more time to elaborate on everything. It must suck to be in Udon’s shoes, trying to please fans of every character. But so far you guys are doing a commendable job, considering how much material you have to organize.

It was definately cool seeing Charlie’s superfreeze animation before the Flash Kick super!

Btw, udoneko check your PM box. Thx.

SFMC won the Fan Art Contest! HOORAY!!!

It was funny how Nash seemed to die and comeback, only to die in a way that left no corpse, so he can still be alive, just like the Games!

Cammy kill’s Chun-Li’s Pops? Those two are gonna be serious rivals…

I always felt Balrog(Ninja) giving Cammy the scar made more sense then her getting it from Vega(Dictator) personally, so glad that was shown.

The Dolls appeared, although briefly… TiamatRoar will be happy!

Another great ish!!! Can’t wait for the Ryu/Ken/Gouki fight!

The art by Hyung Tae Kim is awesome. I hope more of his stuff comes to the US. I think I was lucky when I found his old War of Genesis and Magna Carta illustrations a few months back, he has a “way” he draws with his women that’s so err… special.

Personally I loved the way they did the issue. It definitely left me wanting to see more Sagat vs. Ryu. And I definitely want to see the next issue for the Akuma fight. I loved the whole fight scene between Charlie and Bison. Loved it.

I immediately went to a nearby fastfood after I bought my copy. I laid my copy on the table, and immediately when I turned to the back up story page, two kids went near me and saw those provocative shots of Cammy. They immediately gave me a grin.
Yup. They thought I was a pervert during that instant. :frowning:

i have to admit i wish the story wasn’t so fast too. i’m not saying it should be dragonball-slow (15 issues for one fight lol) but still, it couldn’t hurt to be more episodic - helps with character development and all that imho! and of course no one wants the fights to be over lol.

It might be kinda dope to have like, hidden power meter things in random important frames of the comic book. Like Ryu’s power level is at 100 when he starts fighting Sagat (whose power lvl is at 300) but then he gets pissed and it shoots up to 500 during that Shoryuken! Then the next time Sagat appears his power level is at 1000 or something.

Also in that Bison vs Charlie fight, Charlie’s power lvl is at 300 and then it goes up when his eyes start glowing and goes up again during that superfreeze frame where he’s collecting chi. Also, after he falls off the cliff or whatever, you could like … make Charlie’s power level not disappear even tho he’s mysteriously assumed dead …

Of course you could only see the power levels with special edition Udon glasses. But you guys better hurry up and preorder if you want the limited edition Shinkiro Power Cel variant glasses!

(man i hope none of this gets taken seriously …)

But yeah, i think i feel the same way as Jahnli, even in real matches. It happens in casual player and even in tournaments when i’m playing against someone that’s a challenge. If i’m ahead by a lot and we’re down to the last round, i’ll kind of let the match go on too long instead of finishing the other guy off, and a good half of the time it winds up costing me the match. But i can’t help it! I don’t want the mindgames to end : )

just go to this site.

Well, here’s something more tangible, sorta. Juni rates various character power levels in SFA3 for some
of her character-to-character win quotes. These power ratings are from Juni’s win quotes (Japanese-
only. Character-to-character specific win quotes were removed from the US versions with the exception
of Yun, Maki, and Eagle in SFA3 Advance).

Yeah, but i meant constant readings the way they do in DBZ. Cuz that would be kinda funny as a joke. Sort of. Ok not really.

Hey so what does BP/SP mean? Could you edit up the post a little to make it easier to read? Thx. And when did all of this happen? Win dialogues or mid-boss fights or what?


come guys it’s just a joke don’t take it seriously

BP / SP could mean physical strength and physical endurance.

That would make perfect sense.

See, all the physically strong fighters have high SP/BP readings, including the dolls which are genetically engineered.

i liked this isssue very glad to see that udoneko visited my very important cammy information thread after all. the backup story confused me vega clawed cammy’s stomach as well as her face so if that was the case why did she only have a scar on her face and not her stomach? what did vega do to cammy at the end in the back story he shoved a disk in the computer that did what?

You know… I just realized something…

If Guile’s first name really is “William”…
And Nash’s first name really is “Charlie”…

That would make them… Billy and Chuck

Damn you, WWE

My only problem with the pace was that it seemed remarkably insensitive of Charlie not to pause for at least ONE second before breaking the bad news to Chun Li. It also seemed remarkably fake of Chun Li to start crying about it so fast… if you’ve ever cried seriously in your life, you KNOW it doesn’t come on immediately. Even Adam Warren knew that rule in his backup story.