Street Fighter 5 Tournament - Raleigh, NC- SIGN UP NOW!


the new video game store Gamer Doc in Briar Creek in Raleigh, NC is having a Street Fighter 5 tournament on November 14th, 2009!! The tourny will be held from 1pm until there’s a winner. Entry fee is $15 a person with first place winning 65% of pot, second place 10% of pot! Sign up today and prove your worth
1251 Little Briar Creek Lane
Raleigh, NC 27617


It’s not terribly encouraging to potential participants when you don’t even get the name of the game right.



I was thinking the same thing!


I can’t wait for this.

I main Mel Masters and Bison Jr. in SFV.



Umm. Also… 65% + 10% = 75%… Where is the other 25%?


into their pockets you’d assume.


Should an event without a venue fee make no money for the host?

Especially when you are getting a chance to play the exclusive SF5… :sweat: sorry couldn’t help it.

But really, it’s a tournament without multiple games so there is no venue fee just the fee for the tourney. As such the venue takes a cut.


Get hype for sf5!!!


Actually if you think about it:

If it was like $5 to a venue fee then $10 for the tournament and 70/20/10 payout, then it’s $15 total per player but the house takes 33% of the $15 total, 1st 47%, 2nd 13%, and 3rd 7%.

So this guy is actually paying 1st a lot more while screwing himself and robbing 3rd place completely.

But yeah, my question for the SF5 tourney…are the bosses Esau and God Urien going to be banned???


Nah, you can counter the triple aegis reflector if you use classic sagat tiger shot or skullomania break dance.


either the game numbering is wrong or the year is wrong. id like to think this is indeed a SF5 tournament but it’s meant to be dated November 14th, 2010.


In thread before <5 hits.


all i gota say is watch it bc it could be a scam liek how art and flash got scammed.




I’m guessing he made SFV by hand??? or traveled to the future and brought it back with him.


Ha Ha!

good shit.

Picturing Bison Jr. like a baby mario in mini-aviator hat and diapers kind of waddling around igniting things with purple psycho-fire.


These niggas don’t know bout Fry-u and Prison Sniper


this AGAIN? it seems like every month there’s some new random dude trying to run some shady ass bullshit tournament in NC. Do you other states have this problem?

They get less and less monetarily ridiculous, though. The first one was like, $50 entry fee, we’ll only keep 50% of the pot! Then, some other dude was talking about this deal where he was going to cap at 32 and pocket an extra $125. This one…well it could be worse I guess…unless we get there and it ends up being like some MUGEN shit or something, lol SF5


SFV in the StreetS?

Im there!


Get hype!