Street Fighter 5 / V Stage music mix


Hi guys,

I open this topic to let you know that i’m working on the stage musics since the parts have been ripped.
I’ve made Stage music mix with all song part including Round 1/2/3/Interlude/End etc.
The fourth stages from the first PC Beta are already made and i’ve just did the Brazil one.

Brazil Stage:[/video]

China Stage:[/video]

Kanzuki Stage:[/video]

London Stage:[/video]

New Zealand Stage:[/video]

Russia Stage:[/video]

Hope you’ll enjoy them.
Let me know about your impressions.

More stages are going to come soon.

See you around.


Hi friends,

i keep up making my Street Fighter V mix sound’s stages with India Stage:[/video]

This week, i will add the 3 last stages :
New York
Shadoloo Base
Lair of the Four Kings

Hope you’ll enjoy it :wink:
Let me know your comments if you want to.
See ya!


Yoo everybody !

Here is the Four Kings stage mix![/video]


Hi friends !

Here is the mix for the Shadoloo Base stage.
I’ll make very soon the NewYork stage which is the last one of the 10th originals stages. Capcom announced today there will be 1 new stage very soon.

Shadoloo Base stage:[/video]


Hi all !

So here is the last mix of the 10 First stages, NewYork City stage.
It took me sometime to make those mix but it is done !
As always thanks for your feedbacks ![/video]


Man, these are really amazing! It’s really cool to hear how the themes have a smooth transition into each other, IMO it’s a major step in terms of Street Fighter’s music design in general


Fatal1ty_93_RUS, thanks for your nice words ! I appreciate :wink:

And now, the latest Street Fighter V Stage mix i’ve made.
Air Force Base stage:[/video]
Hope you’ll like it guys !

See you around :slight_smile:


Hey just so you know, they added some more guitar strings to the final build of the game in the China stage during the round 1 theme. You might wanna re-rip and upload.


Thanks to let me know that, i’ll probably take a look and think (or not) about what you said :wink:
Though, it’s interesting to know !


Hi all !

Here is the Las Vegas stage.
As always thanks for your feedbacks !
Hope you’ll Enjoy :wink:
Tomorrow, Kanzuki Beach Stage to come![/video]


Really appreciate you doing this


Thanks man, i’m glad you enjoyed it ! :slight_smile:

And here is the Kanzuki Beach stage.
As always thanks for your feedbacks !
Hope you’ll Enjoy :wink:[/video]


Hi all !

Here is the Ring of Destiny (Evo 2016) stage.
As always thanks for your feedbacks !
Hope you’ll Enjoy :wink:[/video]