Street Fighter 5?

Are we officially allowed to talk about SF V yet?

Seth Killian has mentioned it…briefly

And Ono has mentioned where he might go with SF 5, 6 and 7.

Let’s talk about pancakes.

No, waffles hold more syrup.

I just hope they look to create a game that gives players tools to make anything work. So it’s really up to the player, and much less about matchups.
Also it would be fun to see a mostly new cast and have it take place after 3S. I’d like to see Capcom really put on their creativity hats and make something that shocks and excites everyone.

I like the sound of pancakes with waffles and syrup.

On a more serious note Tebbo, I couldn’t agree with you more. On the one hand SF IV and it’s subsequent updates and SF x Tekken see rehashed characters.

What Im afraid of is SF X Tekken being a precursor to future SF titles, we’ll see the same pattern old characters from previous installments and others available as DLC. A fresh new roster, a female boss and plenty more nationalities doesn’t hurt anyone.

Go back to using 2D sprites. All I want.