Street Fighter 6 gameplay ideas


What do you think the next core Street Fighter installment should be like in terms of game mechanics?

I’ve got a simple yet effective idea: return the SF3 parries, but only for contact moves (i. e. make the projectiles unparriable… yes, only them, yet all of them).

Now, because anti-air moves are contact moves, jump-ins would be way safer because of the potential to parry even the otherwise invincible DPs, but perhaps the invincible reversals could be cancellable upon getting parried at the cost of meter, something akin to FADC yet simpler?

Furthermore, grapplers could have rolls which are partially invincible to non-EX projectiles only, since the viability of zoning would hurt them the most without some kind of a respectable counter.

The combo system could be similar to SFV, but the chip kills should once again apply to both the super and the non-super specials , solely because of the parry potential.

Finally, if there are any ground-to-air or air-to-air projectiles, they should be rare and with justifiedly bad frame data, so as to be used for jump predictions but not jump reactions; otherwise I feel that air-only guarding of wherever-to-air projectiles would have to be invented, which would functionally complicate the game way too much, going against itself visually and conceptually.

So, in conclusion, I’d personally like SF6 to be kinda like SF3 with viable projectile zoning, YOLO-proofed jump-ins and not too tough a life for the grapplers.
What are your thoughts on this?


EDIT: Looking at Itazan’s run at the Capcom Cup 2018, I’m starting to think that having a partially invincible roll could be too much power for any grappler at all… but I still think that all of my other system suggestions still stand as okay.