Street Fighter 8 spoilers and discussion


The issue begins with Shadawloo Cammy killing some security guards. As she’s about to open the door they were guarding she finds herself back in her test tube naked. She sees Bison come in and the scientist shocks her with a button. Delta Red Cammy wakes up from the “dream” and wants to meet with the Doll Agent they caught. Meanwhile Chun Li at Interpol learns that Shadowloo has ties to the movie industry and she’s assigned to investigate Fei Long. Fei Long meanwhile fights off the thugs from last issue. The dolls Xiayu and Yanyu are mentioned and it’s said they’re trying to force Fei Long to star in some movie. Later, Cammy meets up with the Doll Satsuki and when Colonel Wolfman leaves, Satsuki salutes Cammy. She thinks that Cammy is undercover and in order to learn more about her past, Cammy plays along. Satuski tells her how with Cammy’s help, they were able to secure a powerful weapon that would make them stronger than any nuclear power. Cammy is shocked when Satsuki reveals she killed innocent people(The people she killed at the beginning of the issue were responsible for the weapon that Shadowloo Cammy stole). Satusuki also reveals that Bison was injured in Japan but is recovering thanks to the technology that Cammy stole. Sakura and Ryu are in Thailand and there’s a few funny scenes between them. They run into Adon at the end of the issue. Also, Kei is staying with her grandmother and Sakura asks her to pretend that she is staying with her since her parents wouldn’t let her go all around the world.

A very good issue. The Fei Long scenes were really cool. And people who were dsappinted with the art should be pleased at how good this issue looked. What did everyone else think?


I liked how Fei Long was going up against the Triad, same gang he fought in the USA SF Cartoon.

Fei Long busted out the Nun Chuckus - Bad Ass!

You knew this already thanks to udoneko, but now we have the Ad! Darkstalkers and Rival Schools Comics from Udon coming soon!!!

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Only complaint, I didn’t like Ale Garza’s artwork in the Sakura Back up story. Oh well, better luck next guest…

All around another great issue!


im reading it right now and had to stop to say how cool fei long is. i loved it when he said… does it feels soemthing like this? and the bruce lee quotes… totally awsoe, a great man indeed.


Issue 8… It’s about time… ~_^

Finally! :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Favorite part of the issue: When Cammy interrogates Satsuki. The whole thing was very well done. And based on the dialogue throughout the issue, I expect each one of the dolls will get some page time and maybe a few lines of dialogue…

About Fei Long: He’s pretty cool, but can we tone it down a bit on the Bruce Lee references? I like the (guy and Bruce) too much for him to just be an avatar for the disembodied spirit of Bruce Lee. A reference or quote every now and then is cool, but give him some original dialogue too.

Finally, Ryu’s expression when Sakura takes his picture is almost as classic as the art where he’s doing his laundry. (and standing in the laundromat in his underwear while his gi is washing.)

P.S.: Resolution of Guile & Julia’s reunion next issue plz. :smiley:

P.P.S.: Rival Schools and Darkstalkers is a very good candidate for the “announcement”, but I don’t think that’s it… If you looked at the page where it says “the secret will be revealed”, I’m guessing that’s Gouki sitting there. Though it could easily be Demon Hyo or Pyron…


Issue 8… It’s about time… ~_^

That’s just an ad for the controller series coming out. There still isn’t really any sign of the “Big Announcement”.

Anyways, great issue. I dunno, I liked the Fei Long/Bruce Lee references. I’m sorry, but Capcom has always intended for Fei Long to be a tribute character more than anything…

Adon’s lookin’ pretty pimp there. Hopefully the fight will be great.

Unfortunately, Garza’s art kinda rubbed me the wrong way. It’s far from terrible, and I guess appropriate, but not exactly SF…

Fortunately, Cheap Shots, as usual, made up for it. Good stuff.


“Your dreams will come true” ad is rival schools and darkstalkers look at the bottom for copyrights people.

“the secret will be revealed” ad is the crappy controller.

fei long:come on now fei long is bruce lee in video agme form than any other character ever has. We know this for a fact…he’s a friggen movie star/martial artist. I love the water quote…direct bruce lee stuff…but some explain where the nunchucks came from…he got pockets?

i’m starting to think the backgrounds are a last min thing i remember before when lesean did arkanium that backgrounds are done by someone else…i’m starting to think sum1 just does them in painter and tahts why they look odd.

how everything is set up is kinda odd…i guess this is what mk2(the movie) was trying to do. Mix everything people knew into a conherent storyline since people all coem from different stages in the street fighter universe. I started playing in alpha so i undertsand alpha and on. The new warriors and the alpha warriors mixed together. I can’t wait for deejay…thats gonna be sum fnny and cool lookin shit.

ot:dream fight chun li vs princess leia…buns vs buns…also camm apprenly has a flat ass lol look in the test tube scene.



Good issue! I liked Ale Garza’s guest art. There was one odd part though where Sakura does a running kick that knocks Karin down and Karin on that page borders Karin on the next. Even tho it’s fairly obvious that they are separate frames, it’s still a bit counterintuitive. But yea, it was an interesting style and i really appreciate all the style variety that has been shown so far in the backup stories. The only backup so far that i thought wasn’t up to standards was Larroca’s.

Great art on the Fei Long scene and the Cammy scene. I think my favorite part of the whole comic was the first two frames of the first page, where you see Cammy grab some guard dude and then zoom out to show two knocked out guards behind him. It gives kind of a cool feel from the perspective of the guard, suddenly getting grabbed and realizing his buddies are already out cold.


Good issue. I liked the attention given to Sakura’s letter, written in hiragana and then translated. Given that, I was a bit surprised
that “Dai Loe” wasn’t written in Kanji and then translated in parenthesis as was done in Adam Warren’s back story, when “Pa-Pa” was written in Kanji. It’s no big deal, of course. Btw, this issues back up story was good, I enjoyed it.

I like it when normal moves found in the game are drawn in the book. It’s like a mini Easter egg for those who play SF games often enough (or too much depending on your perspective) to recognize them. Some moves I recognized in this issue were Cammy’s j.HP, close s.HP, and Fei Long’s kick throw.

Let me guess this secret weapon is the “Psycho Drive”?

Keep up the good work.



Good issue, I liked it. But rather more ads this issue? Throw cards, not punches. Draw cards, not swords.

The Fei-long part was great, I liked it, although as someone said, maybe “Dai-Low” could’ve been written in Chinese.

But I didn’t get the ladies 'Xiayu" and “YanYu”, what’s that suppose to be? I’m Chinese and I still can’t figure it out.

The Cammy/Satsuki convo was nicely done, I liked how it builds up to Cammy’s ‘confusion’.

Adon, I didn’t expect him to be in here, but once I saw the cape, I knew it was him. I thought we were going to the SF2 Scene now?

Well, good issue overall, although I thought that DeeJay and T-Hawk was in this issue cause of the cover. Sakura/Karin, pretty good, even that waitress guy is there, lol. Can’t wait for Issue 9, Vega looks nicely drawn, but I’m rather dissapointed witht he Ryu cover…



'Xiayu" and “YanYu”, are most likekly triad people(chinese mob). I know the triad is notorious for getting their dirty mittens in movies. Jackie chan was kidnapped once by the triad so that he would do their movie.

hey leave leseans ryu cover alone he’s straight badass. He’s got the cleaniest lines in all of comic buisness.
The covers don’t represent nessiarily whats going on in the issue look at past covers…some make sense but other artists just are like i wanna draw this and this…but it has nothing directly to do with taht months issue.


Good job udon:D that is the way to go. Not making silly pointless jokes like in issue 7. If I were to rate this issue, I would give it a 8.5 out of 10. Really good job. I love the art even more now. Man, I knew Udon could pull this off. The doll part was just… excellent. Man, I can tell that issue 9 will be just as good.

Udon team is the write people, if not the only people who can do the SF chars properly as well as the convoluted plots that Capcom didn’t bother to fix. I liked Adon being in this issue.


I dug this issue. Fei Long kicking ass was very cool, and quoting Bruce Lee as he does was a nice touch.

I hope we get to see more of the Dolls.

The Sakura/Ryu stuff was pretty neat, and I’m glad they explained how Sakura was able to wander the planet with Ryu. It didn’t seem like the kind of thing anyone’s parents would allow, let alone a teen age girl.

And hey, is that the statue from Sagat’s stage?

I really the back up story. I was wondering when we were going to get to see Kairi, hopefully she’ll pop up some more before it’s too late, but whatever works. Garza’s was a nice change of pace too. Very clean and slick, it had a nice minimalist feel to it as well. I think I prefer this style over the one he used in the WildCats chapter of the Eye of the Storm cross over.


Man bison has one hell of a smile (page where cammy is in the test tube)


Man… I must be the only guy who didn’t get to check out the new Street Fighter. I went to my (new) comic shop today, and they were already sold out!! I know, it sounds impressive, but apparently, they don’t buy many copies to begin with (no foils either!). I recently moved back home for the summer and this place is ghetto compared to the comic shop I was used to.

Anyhow, these comic guys didn’t seem very knowledgable in Street Fighter. I was curious, is it true that they have to buy 25 regular issues to be able to buy one foil? And they said something about not being able to reorder from independent companies, so they probably couldn’t reorder more Street Fighters. This sounded like a load of bull… Can anyone clear these statements up with facts? And also, I was wondering what the split was on the cover variants. Is it 50/50, or are you allowed to pick how many of which ones you want? I really appreciate any help on this.

Fei Long = Bruce Lee. It was widely rumored that the Triad tried to force Bruce Lee into doing movies for them in Hong Kong. In fact, a theory on his death was that he was murdered by the Triad (however far-fetched it may sound). This theory also went down to the death of Brandon Lee, don’t know if there is any evidence on this. It’s sounds more solid than the Lee family curse, though, at least to me.




He is just one lazy guy who does not want new business.

No, you can order as many Foils you want. There are 3 covers to choose from and the 2 regular covers are not 50/50 either. Any retailer can order 100 of the UDON cover and no Guest cover and 2000 foils. Or they can order no regular and just order 1000 foils.

There is no limit to this. We do it that way so that no one HAS TO order more than they need. But “what they need” is totally up to themselves to figure out, and it pisses me off everyday when I hear that the stores just do not want to order more copies even the book sold out all the time. It is worse when they do not even bother to reorder!!!


This really pisses me off. I have NO IDEA why anyone would lie about this. I wish I could take my business elsewhere, but the next nearest comic shop is at least half an hour away :(. SHADY BASTARDS!! The thing that gets me the most is that I probably don’t have a very good chance at getting any more Street Fighters until the new school year, when I’ll be living back in my college town.

Oh well… unfortunately, there’s not much I can really do about it.


EDITED: By the way, the person at the shop who told me this is, sadly, the OWNER.


Why are there so few issues 7, TPB and 8 on eBay? There were and there are hundreds from the previous issues, and sellers that sell 0-6 dont sell the new ones.


They probably forgot to or didn’t know to order from Devil’s Due now instead of Image.


I know that Fei Long = Bruce Lee, and while all the Bruce Lee tributes are enjoyable, I’d like to see Fei Long do something original for a change. If you want Bruce Lee, go rent a movie. The homages would be much more enjoyable if they were more subtle and well-timed. The whole “Be like water” speech, I felt, was forced and out of place.

Also, Xiayu and Yanyu are two more of Bison’s dolls. There are 12, 13 if you count Cammy.

0: Cammy “Killer Bee” White - either the doll leader or the prototype.
1: Enero - Communications
2: Fervier - Demolitions
3: Marz - Tech guy… er… girl
4: Aprille - Medic
5: Satsuki - has a katana
6: Juni - playable in SFA3, has a large amount of Psycho Power
7: Juli - playable in SFA3, probably second-in-command of the dolls
8: Santamu - has a spear and a pet monkey, probably African (wow, Capcom’s racist…)
9: Xiayu - has nunchaku (Xiayu vs. Fei Long would be interesting…)
10: Yanyu - uses a staff
11: Nomebelu - connected to T. Hawk somehow, uses twin hatchets with ropes attached (why isn’t she in a game?)
12: Decapre - has a black mask like Vega’s, except it’s black.