Street fighter, a future milked franchise?

We did wait 10 years to see SFIV coming. Almost 10 more years for SFV. We know Capcom make huge amount of money with Street fighter franchise thanks to DLC, costume, tournament… As video game players, we all know that milked franchises work a lot : Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty and such prove it. And we also know how powerful the Street fighter brand is. I don’t know opinion of Capcom on it, but If I were to be one of the fuckers at the Head of the company, I already would have proposed a new street fighter every two or three years.

It would be bad Imo, but it would make a lot of more money for Capcom and Capcom do not care about us. So do you think it can happen ?

Assassin’s Creed and CoD work because they have hundreds of dudes in different dev teams making games around the clock. Street Fighter V is just Capcom and Dimps. It cost them a lot of money to make and promote this game, and they’re gonna ride this out for the next five-six years with character/costume DLC. Its a big investment, and they’re gonna make the best of it.

I like playing so…

In a fighting game you can’t after only two years release the same game, with the same models and characters.
You can expand upon the base game, but no one will buy a new street fighter every year.
I like the way SFV is planned, Dlcs with new characters and stuff.

It’s not gonna happen with this new platform they have and how they will deliver content. They are already set on SF5 lasting 6+ years. Also they like to see how the game develops. That’s up to the community though.

Piece of shit companies like EA should be following this same business model, but people are too stupid and keep buying the same game every year. Each new EAsports game should be a FREE dlc update. At least with SF it’s a completely new game with each numbered iteration.