STREET FIGHTER ALL-NIGHTER @ 1337LoungeLive in North Hollywood THIS SUNDAY


Hi Everyone! Jace Hall’s 1337LoungeLive, the gaming venue that has hosted such FGC greats as Mike Ross, Fanatiq Gamerson, Perfect Legend, Cl0ckwork and many more, as well as celebrities such as Stan Lee, Michael Rosenbaum, Jon Heder, Michael Jai White, Kelly Hu, etc… is now hosting Street Fighter gameplay EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT from 5 PM - Midnight, which will be streamed on the front page of Twitch every time. Each and every weekend, we’ll be throwing down with some Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, and Super Street Fighter IV: AE.

And you never know who might drop in for a visit (last week, RICK FOX of the Lakers came by).

So if you and your friends are bored on a Sunday and you are within driving distance of North Hollywood – come hang out and play Street Fighter with your friends!

Venue space is limited, so make sure to email ASAP to secure some spots if you plan on coming, and she’ll send you the address. It’s going down and we’re hanging out THIS SUNDAY, and every Sunday!