Street Fighter Alpha 2 anyone?

Due to the lack of general play that I’m seeing from Alpha 2 (And because of my love for that game), I’ve decided to hold an Alpha 2 tourney. This will potentially be a recurring thing depending on how things go. With that says here’s the info:

EDIT: Since I haven’t got much in the way of responses I will be postponing this. I plan to have an A2 tourney eventually so I’m not just going to completely cancel. What I would like to know is when is a good time for everybody to have a tourney? The earliest I’d be able to really do it is the 17th, or the first of October. However, if there is enough support for having this on a Friday I can certainly do it. Please give me some input on this!

SFA2 Tournament Rules

-The tournament will be held on: Who the hell knows?
-The tournament is Double elimation
-3/5 rounds will be needed to win
-Game will be run on mame32k 0.64
-Rom is standard Alpha 2 (US 960306)
-Start time is 8pm East Coast Time
-Everyone shoud meet on IRC at #srkalpha2 on the efnet server at the latest 7.45pm EST, if they wish to participate. This is so I can get a bracket made up and hopefully do this orderly.
-The server will depend on what players decide to play on.

Hopefully this will generate a decent turnout. Also, please post in this thread if you want to attend, I’d like to get an idea of how many people this will have.

Wow, the lack of interest here is disturbing for such a classic. :frowning: I would participate, if my ping woudn’t be around 150 on all the US servers latly. So good luck in getting at least 8 players together. Take this as a free bump.^^

Great! I love this game to but no one ever plays it. It’s basically my favorite. I do not know what name you use on Kaillera but if you ever see DRADIX, contact me for a few games. I am up for the tournament.

I use Zerox12 for Kaillera, as well as every online game I play, and for mostly every forum or online thing I need a screen name for. If I see you I’ll say something, but I’m without my arcade stick for the weekend so I won’t be on again until monday night.

Sweet, SFA2. I’m up for the tournament, my kalliera name is the same as my srk name.

I’m in as Hitaro.

Bump! Cmon, does nobody else want in? I really wanted to have a tourney (Or at the very least breathe some life back in Alpha 2), but a four man tourney doesn’t really work.

I play A2, but damn, the date is bad for me. I work from 3-9 that day =(

So, are you going on with this thing or are you postponing 'till you get more sign-ups?

I guess I’ll postpone it since I haven’t gotten much support. When would everybody like to play? My schedule is pretty flexible on the weekends, I just prefer sundays since that’s the easiest time for me.

When you get it rolling just let me know.


I’m in if you guys ever do it.

I’ll give it a shot if its still on
my nick is the same