Street fighter alpha 2 custom combos

list some plz… i’m getting back into the game, and i’m really starting to get the hang of it again (after not playing an alpha game since 98). i’m trying to get my game back a bit so i can play on kaillera…

i use… well… everybody, so just post up some plz…

my fave one right now is a corny low tier b/s one…
rolento:, mp, land, jab, sp x 10, qcf+lp x 3

yup, uber fucking easy / low tier b/s.

can some1 explain too, how to deliver damage better, so i can create better combos? thanks

Oh man, I haven’t played Alpha2 in so long.

Only ones I can remember are with Chun-Li doing repeating Kikkokens (fire balls). But IIRC she could just spaz on FP and RK and it would make a combo anyway, lol.

With Sakura, I think you do a RK, then RK hurricane kick xN, then FP uppercut when the meter ends

As a rule of thumb just sweep into your most damaging (but comboable) special move xN then end with a multi hitting special when your meter is almost done.

CC’s are beyond dumb in this game.

Duck Strong hit the nail on the head…

Rolento has this BS one that does messed up damage… C.Roundhouse XX (High Jump, J.Short x3)xn

Well I think I remember Valle’s Sagat feared custom combo. Activate: crouching RH, double tiger knees, low fierce tiger blow, then tiger uppercut to finish. Did like 60-65% damage if I remember correctly. I need to find my old Alpha 2 strategy guide.

If you are playing with characters like Ken: always start with down + HK, follow with QCB+HK and finish with DP HP (this is the basic high damaging combo for level 1)
For level 2 do exactly the same but after the DP HP you will have time for at least more 1 DP HP
For level 3 do again the same but after the DP HP follow with another QCB+HK and finish with a second DP HP

Akuma: activate, c.roundhouse, s. fierce, hcb + fierce x5

Say goodbye to 65% of your opponent’s life bar…

Yeah I remember that Custom. I loved it from a jump-in HK,Custom mode, cHK, HK Hurricane kick,HP Dragon Punch HK Hurricane Kick ,HP Dragon Punch. I abused that custom. As far as I can remember that Ken’s Custom Combos, the Shinryuken, sHK and his Kick Alpha counter made him a Top Tier in SFA2. Not to mention the invincibility windows during his LP and MP Shoryukens.

Damn I miss that game.

Don’t take my word for it but Rolento’s jumping MP, crouching MP, standing HP done multiple times works well. Mix it up. I haven’t play this game in a while. But that’s what I used.

Re: Re: street fighter alpha 2 custom combos

thats right, it was not just the invincibility windows of Kens DPs or his long HK that can be used as powerfull attack on alpha counter but Kens CC are amazing strong and does huge damage with just level 1 :eek: :slight_smile:

Ken Deadly CC Zone (Valle CC) is a monster on midle range and that was a weapon that makes fear even characters with great ground pressure game like chun li.
Note: Ken LP DP has more invincibility window frames than LP MP wich is better to use as anti air.