Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold tier list?


I haven’t seen a tier list on this game & was wondering if it was any different than the original Alpha 2 tier list? With the extra characters included (Classics, Evil Ryu, Shin Akuma, Extra Sakura, Cammy, etc. … . ) So if any body could explain what a tier list for this game would look like & why would be cool. Thanks


Damm no one, Can someone at least tell me if there i much of a difference between the characters from the regular Alpha 2 & this one, No tier ideas? Anything?


It’s way different - nobody was really buffed afaik and all the top tiers were nerfed (to varying degrees - Chun got it worst, and Ken was least affected). The classic characters are all bottom tier - not being able to CC or AC in this game is really bad. No idea about shin akuma or extra sakura. Cammy is decent, from what little I’ve seen.

Playing A2G is kinda moot at this point. They basically gimped all the things people who still play the game like about A2 (easy yet damaging CCs, buff ACs, etc).

Search the forums here, I’m sure there’s discussion here about the differences between A2G and A2.


Wow, Thanks for responding I was hoping for someone & didn’t think anyone would respond, I have heard the the Best in Alpha 2 was between Ken & Chun but in 2 Gold Ken is the best from the info you gave me? Just asking. I also heard Sagat was buffed, is this true?


No idea who’s best in A2G, but it’s definitely not Chun anymore. Ken wasn’t nerfed other than the systemic nerf to his AC, but Ryu is still good (his fb doesn’t knock down anymore, but all his tools are still good) and so is Rose (SI is still really buff, as are her normals).

Sagat got that whole scar flash super and his MK fake is actually usable in A2G (but still worthless). Not really significant buffs.


What exactly did that Scar do anyway? I was watching a HSFA vid on YouTube & they said out of all the alpha versions SFA2G was the best Sagat, Which is why I asked about the buffs