Street Fighter Alpha 2 tier list


Since SF Alpha 2 is my favorite SF game Im going to post my tier character rank list:

Top Tier

Evil Ryu

Midle Tier:


Low Tier:


Very Low Tier


I didnt post Shin Akuma because as everyone knows hes GOD Insane Tier, if anyone has different Tier list please post it.


master akuma = Vampire Savior ?



Chun Li is good on Alpha 2 but the way that I play shes midle tier, for me Ken is a real beast with great CC :slight_smile: (imo)

how you put your tier list on Alpha 2?

btw: nice avatar you got.



established top tier for a2 for the bast 7 years have been


and theres no way anyone is better than them, especially ken, rose and chun. ryu isnt godly but has the right stuff. rolento is a very close 5th just for his damn near 100% ghetto cc…


So your Alpha 2 top list is like:
1 Ken
2 Rose
3 Chun-Li
4 Ryu
5 Rolento

and besides that do you have listed about how you rate the rest of Alpha 2 characters?


yeah the rest suck for the most part. except maybe charlie and sagat… i dont think no one pays attention to the rest of the cast after the top 5


IIRC A2 2nd tiers after the first go something like


[everyone but]


Go check the old A2 vs A3 thread.


I agree with sabre on the tiers except i still feel hun li is top just cause the prioty of most of her moves( especialylow forward) and her cc level 1 with can do like half if not more if you hit right .
you dont even need her level three.

Ryu is very hard to play on that he is sitter so is chun an rose fuckin sitters.
His cc is the best in that game ha haha ahahahahaha ahahaha haduken 80 percent



I still play Alpha 2 and I love it, I wish I had some of my friends to play again but they all stoped playing this game vs me :evil:

Some of you guys talked about Chun Li: imo shes a very good “Pressure” character on Alpha 2, her down + MK has a really great ground range and a good Alpha 2 player that is making pressure with her down MK pressure range can change sometimes with a trow due her speed, this way some oppenents will be forced to do something stupid :slight_smile:

Any more comments about good Alpha 2 characters?

If anyone has a tier list please post it here.


Top 4 fight each other really well. Chun stuff can be countered:
Ken can kick AC her cr.MK–>fireball and knock off a nice chunk of her life
Rose can just cr.MP Chun’s pokes
Ryu can fierce fireball her in her face

About Chun doing high damage with a Level one:
Ken, Rolento, and Sagat have equally good CCs at level 1
Rose can do equal or better damage with her level 1 Illusion

Chun uses level 3 for her Lightning Legs custom (cr.HK, Roundhouse Lightning Kick till almost empty, Roundhouse Rising Kick at the end).


I play Chun in every street fighter game and I agree that i think she is tier in alpha 2. I am not a genious the real person to ask would be a real “Chun” player like Apoc. I am sure he could put an end to this question…


On Alpha 2 Chun Li is a good pressure character due her speed and her down MK that has a great ground range, her Deadly CC Zone is very good on anti-pressure situations but not as great as Ken or Akuma (imo)


Did Gief get crappy all of a sudden? I’d put him right there with Rolento… maybe lower.

Gief vs Rolento is a great match. Keepaway vs haha-I-got-in-you’re-fucked. Knees into SPD is good again. Too bad most SPD attempts get owned by CC.

Rose is STUPID. S-T-U-P-I-D. Any idiot who is on the level to cancel into super can learn Rose in 10 minutes and beat every other idiot who doesn’t know Rose. Low strong really is that good. :frowning:


Sakura had a good cross up combo, where if you blocked wrong you were fucked and she could repeat it.

Zangief did hold his own, after all my friend did ban my brother from playing as Zangief, Rose, Sakura, Rolento, but he never banned Ken or Chun Li…

They’re good in their own right, but I’m sure Gamest had Chun Li is top.


Zangief on Alpha 2 has serious problems vs a good Ken or Akuma, now about Chun Li I can’t say the same because her speed and MK has a great ground range and works very well as a pressure tool, also: Chun Li MK on the air has a very good angle since her jumping speed is good (way better than Zangief) but overall a good Ken or Akuma can damage Chun Li anytime/most times due their Deadly CC Zones and other important weapons.

Drag: many people talk good stuff about Zangief on Alpha 3 (since I don’t like A3 I can’t talk much about it) but on Alpha 2 Zangief is (imo) very low tier, his Deadly CC Zone is nothing when we compare it with Ken, Ryu or Akuma, all of his supers can be stoped with regular moves and his grab range is smaller than any Shoto Deadly CC Zone, etc…


Dude, The Valle CC is not the only CC in Alpha 2 ok. Zangief has high priority in his attacks which makes him a threat. Don’t reason that 360 or 720 throws are hard to do… Some people can do those moves with ease, and Zangief doesn’t rely too much on his Throws… His Normals are threat enough.


My List



Maybe you’re better than my brother, but thats unlikely.

Also Chun Li had a better CC than Ken or Akuma did. Doing 50-60% damage on a level 1 CC is just insane.


Don’t mind master akuma, he thinks the shotos can do no wrong.


Master Akuma: Have you seen the length of Zangief’s df+roundhouse sweep? That thing is huge! Start your CC with that, then mash out the greenhands and end with lariat. you gotta love the short/forward into greenhands, end with SPD CC though.

I know Gief’s got some problems, but last I remember he was right there under Sak/Rolento.