Street fighter alpha 3 and hyper street fighter ranking battle results

The first alpha 3 ranking battle in 6 years has come to an end, it was a good turn out with a lot of the old school players coming out of retirement to make an appearence, dispite having massive problems with the buttons, we finally got them all working for the tournament.

Results 10/6/07

1 on 1 Street Fighter Alpha 3 Ranking Battle Results.

1st Guille “Geejay” A/V-Akuma, A-Gen
2nd Chunkis V-Akuma,V-Ryu
3rd Richard “IMX” Willams V-Juni, Classic chun li, A-dhalsim
4th Hollis “Heat” Wong V-Dhalsim
5th Middlekick V-Charlie
5th lebowski “Mullins” A-Sakura
5th Rehan “The Chef X-Ryu
5th Mike Ryo” V-Sakura

2 ON 2 Team Tournament Results

1st Grayfox / Geejay, V-cody, V-akuma
2nd Chunkis, Sho dragon, V-akuma, A-guy
3rd Middlekick / MikeOWNED, V-Charlie, X-Zangeif
4th Masamune / Richard "IMX, X-Sodom, V-Juni
5th Inspector / Zakuta A-Dhalsim, X-Chunl li
5th Raju / Ryo V-Zangeif, V-Sakura
5th Kaosflare / Mullins V-Charlie, A-Sakura
5th Johnathan “whois boxer” Ben “911” X-ryu, A-Akuma

Hyper Street fighter II

1st Kaosflare WW Guile, ST ryu
2nd Deadly destroyer WW Guile
3rd The Chef ST vega, ST Ryu
4th Chunkis ST Ryu
5th Reko WW Dhalsim, guile
6th Shin dragon fei long

Thanks to Grayfox for helping out while I was playing in the hyper tournament and waleed, ben and chef for doing the camera work. Thanks to hollis for coming all the way down from derby/machester and mullins from stains.

And a big thanks to bob for installing new sanwa sticks and buttons in the machine and the rest of the casino staff for having the patience over the last two days to take time to have the machine ready for the ranking battle.
Thanks to simeon for adding alpha 3 to the list of ranking battles neoempire organisies, and to the rest of the staff for turning up and showing support for both alpha and hyper street fighter.

The matches got record and available at

The next ranking battle is on the 22nd of july!