Street Fighter Alpha 3 - D Pad help

So I recently picked up SFA3 for my ol’ PS1, and was having some difficulty pulling off combos with the d pad. I find it kinda tricky the way that the buttons aren’t connected (compared to a SNES controller) which makes it tricky to pull of QCF and 360s. Also, its hard to be precise and quick. A combo like DB, DF, DB, UF + P is very hard for me. There’s no way to use the analog stick, and I’m not new to SF so it’s not like I just can’t get the timing, but I’m not used to the PS1 controller. Any tips?

It’s been awhile since I played A3 on PSX, but there is an option to extend the leniency for inputs which might help you out. During the game, pause and go to Button Config, and there should be an option at the bottom of the menu to change input timing to one of three options: Arcade, Normal, and Long. Normal gives more time to input motions than Arcade, and Long gives more than Normal. Hope this helps.

The Playstation d-pad is way better than the SNES d-pad. What? Just be glad you’re not playing xbox.

I just recently picked up A3 on ps1 too. I use the SF 15th Anniversary Pad. Its pretty good youll do 360s, QC and DP motions flawlessly. The only problem is doing half circles which are not as precise to pull off on that controller unless you do it in slow motion.

Are you using the top half of your thumb for the motions?

^^ Were you talking to me? If so, yea I do it works at times but not all the time, especially when I do it fast. When I use my whole thumb its no good for Half circles.