Street Fighter Alpha 3...did anyone like it?


Possibly my favorite Street Fighter ever made, and I found it for only 2 bucks at my local game store a few days ago. Been playing the shit out of it, and it got me thinking…I never really hear anyone here talk about this game.

How does the community in general feel about this game? Does everyone like it? Does everyone hate it? Would you play it if it was released on PSN and XBL with online playability?

I’m curious.

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I loved the Alpha series, especially 2 and 3. It was in it’s arcade heyday when I was finally coming to an age and experience level to really excel at fighting games. You talking about this makes me want to play again…badly.


Really loved this game back when I was a casual about fighting games. Have great memories playing as Guy. Many people say it’s very unbalanced compared to Alpha 2 though.


Seriously. I can’t believe it hasn’t been released on the marketplace yet. I’m **still **having loads of fun with this game just fighting the computer, I can’t imagine how many hours would pass by as I play people from around the world.


Also Vlad, when are we gonna play somethin’? You’ve just been sitting on my friends list for like, 2 weeks now. Lol.


Especially if they release like a super port. Take the Alpha Collection + Alpha 3 Max and I’ll pay $20 for it for sure. Probably even more. I know Alpha 3 Max is ridiculous but it has Maki and Dramatic Battle and I love that shit.

I’ve been jonesing for Alpha titles since I picked up Puzzle Fighter HD (which has me jonesing for Gem Fighter and Darkstalkres as well). I miss the art style, the music and sound effects, the GAMEPLAY. lets out a little moan


I played the shit out of it when I was a kid, I’d really love to see it released on xbox live with online features. Still have the PS1 disc


Yes this. I played the copy of alpha 2 I got off of psn last year for countless hours. Also, that grass level(you know the one).


ermehgerd, that’s one of my favorite fucking stages ever made!


90s Capcom was killing it. Can’t remember the last time a Capcom game inspired me but they used to do it with like every release.


Alpha 3 was a terrible game and a let-down successor for Alpha 2.


Loved it until I got hit with my first Ryu infinite.
Since then, fuck that game.


How so?


The only one that is hated is Zero 3 Upper (DC/Naomi/PSP Version). With Zero 2 Alpha being close in second for making the weak characters even weaker and buffing the stronger characters.


Haha, oh right, just before you thought A3 couldn’t get any worse, there’s Z3U. How about the Double Upper for PSP with Yun and Maki, how’s that?


Vism and building meter with grab whiffs fucked that game, but other than that it is fucking awesome. With a few changes and an HD port it could be that new crack. Hell it would be awesome if they added all the new SF4 people to it and maybe a few that we missed from SF3 and I would forget that these other “new” games even existed.


I feel like they should leave the same cast members in. Third Strike is good for different reasons than Alpha 3 is, so they should stay in their respective zones.


Yun is actually pretty fun on Vism compared to his CvS2 version. The game it’s pretty much the DC version with the extra characters added to it.


Of course they did.
Some people prefer A2, some fuck w/ A3.
As for release on PSN/XBL…
No. As great a release it might be, the online is most likely going to be ass. The port will gain new problems. All kinds of stupid shit will happen that no on is going to be happy about.
You’re just better off playing an arcade perfect version on GGPO…


Being an 80/90’s kid, I’ll play it over SFIV any day.

But prefer A1 and A2.