Street Fighter Alpha 3 for XBLA/PSN?

One of the other or both, it’ll make sense due to the fact that Street Fighter Alpha 1 is out for PSN already so possible speculations? Hopefully it’ll have some features similar to SSFII Turbo HD Remix new graphics, gameplay mechanics,online play, etc.

LINK below

please let this happen Capcom. It’d be nice if it was also for 360

these will probably be ports of the psx versions, so i dont expect 360 to be getting them

Anything that doesn’t get an explicit news release will just be a downloadable version of the PSX/XBox port.

Don’t get your hopes up.

  • There are a shitload of other Capcom fighters that people would prefer to see given the royal treatment before they touch SFA3.

  • The linked article mentions SFA2, not SFA3.

  • Its content is an off-shoot of a rumour created by speculation spawed by Sirlin saying that SFA2 was the next game he’d want to “remix” after ST. Talk about unfounded bullshit.

  • That news article is four months old; it was written even before SFHD had dropped.

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