Street Fighter Alpha 3 Fusions

I was really bored so I created a nice video


have fun :slight_smile:

Here’s a tip: If you’re going to do a video of many ambiguous things happening and have a list to help viewers understand what’s happening, don’t just put it on the fucking first few seconds of the video. Nobody’s going to bother re-writing them down just so they can keep up with the vid, and checking the first few seconds of the vid again just to figure out what you just saw is a pain in the ass. Have it somewhere visible along with the video, either in the Video Description or have the info show up during the video, like a small note showing from time to time to say what’s currently happening. Heck Youtube has a feature to do that very easily!

Seriously I could figure out like 5 of those 70-so clips. Most of them Akuma because you kept doing Raging Demon (which is pretty obvious).

Wow… lot’s of anger dude.
As you can see - I didn’t worked hard on that vid…
I was really bored so I created it 4 the lolz [=
nothing more.

about the “akuma” theory : it’s not really true - only 5 fusions with akuma… something like that.

I think what people want to know is hoe you did that.

I want my 5 minutes back.

haha - so why did you watched till the end? :stuck_out_tongue:

and I make that in “final born alpha” you choose char and then during the battle you change to outer char.
and then you have a brand new creature :slight_smile:

the possible of fusions are almost countless :smiley:

what the heck is this?

Stop intentionally acting like an idiot please. I just suggested one single thing that would greatly improve the video, and while I’m at it at least bother explaining what this video actually consists of. Also stop typing horrbily and calling these “fusions” for some reason.

And the hate is much warranted.

See what I did there?

Moves Set Swap.
I expected Dragon Ball Z like fusions.

It was decent. Liked the Blanka ones! A little organization on your next vid and it’ll be better received. =)

I’m not “acting like an idiot” I just saying the truth…
That’s what I made - it’s a comedy video nothing more.
and I will call it however I want…, I can’t find one good reason why humans need to search always things to complain on.
just try to have fun from the video - that’s the purpose of it.
I’m not going to edit this vid or something I love it the way it is and that’s what counts after all [=

try to smile a little man - it’s not bad thing :wgrin:

*and thanks 4 the replies guys [= *