Street Fighter Alpha 3: I need Guy combo help please

I am trying to do the following combo:

in corner: J.Roundhouse (2 hits0, s.short, s.jab, strong, fierce, roundhouse, then juggle with S.Jab, s.strong xx Roundhouse cyclone kick, QCFx2+P (level 3).

The problem I am having is the part with the juggle. I can’t seem to be able to cancel s.jab, s.strong into roundhouse cyclone kick. Any tips would be very appreciated! Thanks

Btw, I am testing the combo on both psx and SFA anthology versions. <-- Newbie forum for newbie questions <-- Alpha forum for Alpha SF game related threads

No one else, including the idiot OP, respond to this thread please for the love of god.

well ok thanks…