Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX on PSP

I was thinking of getting this game, but before I do, I should ask:

Is there anything wrong with it? Like, issues that more experienced players would find with the psp version of the game.

Besides “PSP controls suck,” that is.

Well the fact that it’s not exactly Arcade Perfect, it’s more than a solid game =P
But to justify it’s means, it’s a portable. So there shouldn’t be any worry of tourney rules or
arcade perfection =P

So I say, go ahead and knock yourself out if you’re interested in it =3

I’ve played it with a friend and was disappointed that it was so laggy.
And it wasn’t because we were far apart either, we were sitting in the same car.

Really? I never really suffered serious lag. Infact, it didn’t lag often at all for me =/

Me neither, played often with friends and never had lag problems.

It’s fucking hard to do Dragon punches.

EDIT: I play on the D-Pad, But because It didn’t work I used the analog and it bloody broke… Completely.

lol from start to finish

IMO, best hand held fighter. Ever.

But its def not perfect.

It kinda lagged for me when playing a coworker at work, but nothing serious or anything.

I think it’s a solid pickup, portable and no loading time.

Thanks, guys! Looks like I’m going to have to pick this up.

If you have an older psp (fat one, non-slim), you should get a D-pad add-on.

Circuit City has this online for $13. Definitely worth it for that price.

No. Homo.

Is that the one that had Yun in it as well? How was he in that game?


Its actually a bad ass game…I have it and had some lag probs but its like all the time…get a wifi max and play that shit online…

I’ve never had any lag in the game; nor can I ever find anyone online (Xlink Kai) to play with. The game’s controls aren’t so harsh at all either, making the game, indeed, bad-ass…