Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX PSP

Is this game still online? Active community?

This game has online?<br><br>Also, this needs a PSN/XBL release<br>

Well, the game’s info said it had tournament mode for up to like 8 players…

gaiz halp plz

This game doesn’t support infrastructure (online play), only adhoc (local play with other nearby PSPs). Try your luck by playing on xlink kai but you’d honestly have an easier time just playing on ggpo instead.

Thanks a lot. Sorry for my ignorance but what is ggpo?

An awesome way to play fighting games online. Try using google.

What’s Google? Nah, I’m kidding, hahah. Thanks.

Is there a way to play Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max on GGPO? I’ve always wanted to try out the characters that are only available in the portable versions of this game

GGPO only supports games on Final Burn, so no. Would be awesome if Ponder would update it to work with other things, but unfortunately that will probably never happen. Last GGPO update was like 4 years ago.

Dream of the century: He gets it going with Dolphin.

shit bruh for real

I think a better dream would be if Naomi worked better in general first.

Is there a half decent reason we don’t have any online Alpha games on PS3?

Nope. CvS2 was more popular than 3rd Strike, Alpha’s, and ST. Yet there has not been a port for that either. They license issue is not a excuse either as CvS2 would be a cash grab and both companies would make a killing.

Yeah. Maybe they’re afraid of saturating the market but that only applies to the release of new games for the most part.

They need to bring Max’s exclusive characters to SFV along with Garuda!

They just need to remaster and put the SFA series online already.