Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max(PSP)

Well I just picked up this game used for an amazing price but I remember why I didn’t get this back then when it came out.
For one, my PSP’s D-Pad isn’t the most percise pad out there(first gen) and second, I can’t find the “limited” pad Capcom gave away with the game that goes over the PSP’s D-Pad.

So this game is pretty much unplayable at the moment, anyone know of a solution? Any feedback on the the addon over PSP’s D-Pad? Oh yea, I’ve tried different settings in the button config menu, “Easy” being the more reasonable setting to moves out but I can’t do Cannon Spike(Shoryukens) and Hooligan throw motion moves.

Play Alpha 3 on the PS2 or run A3 Upper through an emulator.

Either follow Sazae’s advice, or do the poor man’s version of the D-Pad cover: tape a quarter to the D-pad.

Seriously. It’s much better.

Slim PSP’s have pretty decent D-Pads. I can do most V-ism combos on it actually, and I am not even a pad player.

Thats a pretty cool trick!
Was searching for that extra thing that came with the game and ran into this useful site to mod the D-Pad so it works better:

Most of the time under some weird settings, I can perform the moves I want but after 2 or 3 tries which kinda sucks. I may try the mode above on my PSP.

I picked up this game on clearance at circuit city a while ago. I really couldn’t get into it because the d-pad on the psp slim hurt my thumb. Shame there is no way to connect to the psp and use a ps3 controller and then connect the psp slim to a TV. I always wondered if the psp alpha 3 is based on the PS port or some combination of the PS port and the arcade version. If I recall, they had to cut some corners in the animations for the PS port because of memory restrictions.

I did this mod and it works wonders. I can now play a ton of fighting games on the PSP using the D-pad (PSP-1000 that is!) and it works perfect. It’s actually a really easy mod to do if you read the instructions, and I’d highly recommend it for a PSP-1000. SFA3Max plays like butter once you mod the D-pad.