Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max

Capcom states that 4 characters new to the series are included, anyone know who they are, aside from Ingrid?

Additionaly, check this out:
D-pad cover for PSP

Sorry if this has been posted before, I just saw an ad for Alpha 3 max today.

It’s just Yun, Eagle and Maki (ripped straight from CvS2) that round up the other 3 just like the GBA version.

Yeah, its nothing that special. If you have SFA3 on any other console, then don’t bother, nothing new enough for me to care…

Yeah, if you’re completely discounting the fact that it’s on a handheld, which is clearly supposed to be the main selling point. Not that that does it for me, but it’s kinda stupid to compare it to other non-portable versions (and the GBA version doesn’t really count seeing as this will be a better port presumably).

True, True. I also have a hunch that the new characters are going to be broken as hell

Well there is the new tag team feature that the other counterparts didnt have.

I’ve got code of it on my desk right now! Haven’t played it yet though, will do after lunch.

Capcom has a SF website with flash animation and snazzy music!!! They must still care about fighting games!!!:bgrin: :clap:</forced delusion>

tag team > every1s opinion

lol the funny thing is this game would be better on the DS, the L n R buttons are almost perfect

Yes and they need to go on and put this on PS2/another console.

This really needs to be ported to console…the new D-Pad thing is nice, but what about six buttons, Capcom?

I didn’t really need the six button for DS:chronicles on easy mode. But then SF doesn’t play the way DS does:p

Yeah, that’s what pissed me off about the GBA version. 2 buttons for a medium attack? O…kay.

Actually I just realized that since PS3 will most likely play PSP discs, PS3 will probably be the best option to play this and DS Chronicles on…

^Great now I gotta save cash for a PS3! Thanks for the info though.

“Most likely”? I remember this being rumored way back, but I don’t know of any reason to believe it’s true.

Yeah, I’m not saying it’s concrete info or anything, just speculating, I mean we can hope as much is true, we can also hope Sony steps their game up for the PSOnline service…online DS Chronicles and Alpha Max would be tight…

But man oh man V-Ism Ingrid is gonna be broken…

Ok NCSX is saying you are guaranteed a D-pad if you pre-order the japanese version. I went ahead and placed an order, just need a psp now. Anyone know of any sites with White PSP’s and a policy for dead pixels?

If it’s true that PSP games will play on PS3 then I suspect that sony will use to PSP to release old games from PS1, and PS2 to allow you to play it on PS3.

Although I would hope that PS2 games can play on PS3. Does anyone know for sure?

There’s absolutelly no way the PS3 is playing PSP games. No company does that. Ever. We’re not talking about an old console like the PSOne. We’re talking about a console released (less than?) one year ago.