Street Fighter Alpha 3 Natural Evolution

A great video combo about Street Fighter Alpha 3 (Natural Evolution), made by brazilians makers from and
Hosted by :tup:

Link: Natural Evolution

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Downloading now… Better be good. Better see new stuff.

Nothing new But OMFG!!!

The Editing… Too Too nice. Great work to the Editor.

Hope to see more videos.

AWESOME editing… one of the best I’ve seen in a combo vid.

Fuck, the editing is sexy. Good shit!

edit: its only “natural” that anytime “evolution” is mentioned, you’ll end up hearing it. 2:50ish mark :sad:
Mflo <3 Boa :clap:

Thanks all for download the vid !
Cya guys !

I’m very fun ! Thanks !

“Better be good” lol

OR WHAT?! You’ll complain to him over the INTERNETS?!

Where’s your video???



you seem to care more about cramming your names into the vid as many times as possible and showing off all the flashy (i.e. annoying) effects you can create than providing a reasonable content to length/filesize ratio.

probably not going to be a popular opinion, but i’ll take substance over all the flash in the world, thanks.

Natural Evolution, are the different vid Polarity, is the Homage to SFA3, and no simple-video-combo found in any website !
Because it, i made this vid with, most of attention and dedication ! Made one different only it ! But thanks for download ! See ya !

i hate when i’m mean and people are nice to me in response…makes me feel bad :frowning:

well, i did like the combos…just felt kind of outweighed by the credits

lol ! don’t feel bad, you are cool ! and Funny !

It happens… Everybody has its proper opinion when it sees something, and has of being respected! It’s normal! The important , is each time more in strengtheing them to create a nice and dedicad work to fans of our dear games of fight!

Cya !

  • using ayumi 's evo song (how many fucking versions are there of this damn song?)
  • clean crisp video
  • awesome editing
  • never seen that weird bison glitch before.

combos were all done before, but great vid nonetheless.

  • putting master akumas url . lol
  • the evo lyrics, didnt like that much.
  • peoples names throughout the vid was a little to much. Should saved it for the end.
  • filesize
  • jap music - eek… Coulda been better music selection.

A lot. But the “Time Is Pop” one is the best.

I’ll satiate you,

Quit being an antagonistic attention whore.

I expect this service to be reciprocated when my tread discussing my relative lack of fellatio is presented.

Somebody was criticized and responded politely and cordially… ON THE INTERNET.

My whole world is being turned upside down :frowning:

I fixed the link again, now the server is better.

Link: Natural Evolution :tup:

Awesome work guys.

By the way, what’s the song before the song The Love Bug?
Can someone hook me up with the song or just give me the name to it?

I found in one CD of my mother beats ! LOL

I know one vid where have this music !

Search for WINTER BREAK, vid of Rival Schools, anywat has the music name correct…

Cya, and thanks for download

So wait, what’s Ayumi’s Evo song? I’ve heard it in videos before, but I really like it. Can someone upload it for me or something? Or tell me the name?

What’s with all the custom combos not ending in a super?

The names throughout the vid was pretty annoying, I agree that it should’ve been saved for the end. Also, way too many Guy combos that were pretty much the same thing. Cool vid otherwise, though.

And on the Chun li headstomp xN combo on Blanka, I don’t know much of A3, but that looks like you have ample time to air recover out of… Is there some reason you can’t? :confused:

The song is called gasp Evolution.