Street fighter Alpha 3 on ps3 and xbox?


Capcom needs to release this we already got MVC 2 and Third strike. Street fighter alpha 3 would be good too.


PSOne Classics…?


Well, unfortunately I believe that the PSX Alpha 3 has been ported to PSN store.
So Capcom probably thinks that’s good enough for everybody despite popular belief. Not like the online play would’ve have been good anyways.


No online play plus i want somthing like third strike online edition.


Third strike had good online.


Just play it on GGPO.


A lot of people are going to crucify you for saying that.
Based on my personal experience, online play for Capcom games has been pretty sub-par not just for 3SOE, but for MvC3 as well


Whats GGPO and is it on mac i dont have a windows PC.


Why TS runs Very smooth and i get no lag. Other games lag at times


Q-Sound Licensing Capcom doesn’t want to spend money.


I’ve heard that before pertaining to Capcom licensing games with Q-Sound.
I know that Q-Sound was on the old arcade games with the cool start up noise and I’ll probably google about it later, but what’s up with licensing problems?
Is Q-Sound some sort of entity that has the sound for old CPS games hostage?


In that case, lets have Alpha 2 instead.

No, no, no. 3SOE had good online, it was the stuff built around it (matchmaking, interface, etc.) that sucked, but the GGPO implementation itself was decent.


Q-Sound is a third party sound engine/system Capcom used on some of their boards all of CPS2 games and Capcom Sony Boards (CPZN1 and CPZN2).


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