Street Fighter Alpha 3: Round Two - Phoenix, AZ - 09/01/07

For anybody who has never been down to any of Atomic Comics’ Street Fighter tournaments, we’re having our second SFA3 tourney on September 1st at 5pm. $5.00 entry, but double elimination, so you’re guaranteed to get your money’s worth. If you’re interested and have questions, get in contact with the Atomic Comics Metro Megastore at 602-395-1066.

For the flyer image, check out:

…and if Alpha 3’s not your game, be sure to come down and vote for what you want the next tournament to be, as after every tournament, we take a vote.

what version of alpha3 is it? if its not ps2 version from anthology, then no thanks. if it is ps2 version, theres no stupid house rules are there? and will the latest arcade rom be loaded up? etc…

and can i bring a stick?

and last, do good players actually go to atomic comic tourneys? or is it a bunch of A/X players? not sounding like an ass, i just wanna see if there really are any “competent” a3 players out there, that actually know the game

We’re playing the Alpha Anthology version of SFA3 on a PS2. If you want to bring an arcade stick, they’re legal. Last time out, we had more than a few regulars at various SF tourneys around the country show up. Obviously, with any tournament, you get your flotsam and jetsam of A-ism & X-ism Ryus, Akumas, and Kens, but by the top eight, it’s serious competition exclusively. No house rules, except no pausing in-bout and no dropping from the tourney without telling an employee (it makes the brackets severely unbalanced) but all of that is routine tourney stuff.

hmm maybe ill make a random appearance

I’m not trying to sound like a jerk, so please do not take it as such…

i won the first tourney you held a few months back.(i was the karin player)

I felt that the entire tournament took way too long. there were no actual brackets and the beaks inbetween each few games really messed me up. The intermission before the last 8, that also really killed me.

My sugestion would be to create the entire bracket set before starting the round. place a cut off time as well. I was ready before the start but it still was a while before anything was actually started. give the option to the players if a break is needed. i would have rather pushed through it all. If i remember correctly, a few others left because they couldn’t stay longer. That gen player would have actually been my best comp there. (no disrespect)

You mentioned that there were people from around the country show up for the tournament. Was there a tournament since the initial one? If not, i know that i am not completly familiar with all of the gaming community, but i only recognized 1 player (luda) at the tournament i showed up. I do hope additional people are showing up. i enjoyed the different players.

the only complaint i had was the brackets and the time it took to play. aside from that, i felt the tournamnet i entered was decent for just begining.

again, i do not want this to sound mean or rude, i just want to give a players view on what i saw. sorry i can’t show up to this one this time to defend my previous win but i have plans and i just recently found out about this. good luck and i’ll hafe to catch it the next round.

Funny you should mention it, but Ecks, the Gen player you mentioned from the first tournament, was the winner of tonight’s tournament. I agree about the brackets from Round 1 - the problem was rectified this time around, with the secondary loser’s bracket being removed, so the entire event was streamlined. Next time out, I’d like to set up some more systems so we can get through the preliminary rounds more quickly. This is only the third tourney we’ve done, so we’re learning as we go, which is why it’s great when serious players like yourself give us feedback. Be sure to drop by the store and vote for the next game we should play - at the moment, the votes look to be leaning towards Street Fighter 3: Third Strike, with Capcom vs. SNK 2 coming in a very close second.

If Sabre shows up, he’ll win this no problem…

Sabre: I did want to bring up something about this version, though. It still has the same issues as all the emulated PS2 games, slight delay…It’s better than the others, but timing is different, ALpha 2 seems to be even worse for some reason…

i voted puzzle fighter :sad: