Street Fighter Alpha 3 Torrents

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Vids via Bittorrent

Because of CigarBob’s wonderful contributions to our ST community, I’ve decided to do what I can for the A3 community by upping (and seeding) the Absolution 2k4 Alpha 3 vids, and the Daigo v. Masumi 2 hour session which Daigo has hosted bits and pieces of on his site.

(8/30/05)** Daigo v Masumi:**

(8/30/05)** Absolution 2k4:** (Batch 1+2 courtesy of Buttermaker)

(9/1/05) Street Fighter Alpha 3 Cross Demonstration: (BnB VCs for every character)

(9/3/05)** Ultimate Zero II Team Battle 3 on 3 (2002):**

(9/5/05) Ryu1999 v. Slide Kalliera SFA3 Farewell Session

I realize a lot of people are going to say “But i can get these vids off the GFB hub” but I have 4 words for that: “wait time” and “slow speed”. Besides, DC++ is much less intuitive than bittorrent :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!

Post up leechers!

I only have a few more things to up. I had a huge collection of a-cho a3 vids stored on my x-box, but I started deleting a lot of stuff to make room for music and other backup when I formatted my computer’s HD…so it’s gone. I do happen to have the old SFChina’s Z3 Cross Demonstration which is a monster combo vid very similar to Xenozip’s Tips and Tricks vid, so I dunno if people want to basically dl the same vid twice b/c a lot of the combos are the same

i have that combo exhibition, some good stuff in it, the gen 100% for example. i think they borrowed a few ideas from v-ryu’s combo exhibitions, and he borrowed a little from d44 etc. The stfchina video isn’t to write home about.

i’m currently finding out where to download all the acho a3 vids, so i might grab them all and torrent them. again this being a3, no one probably cares. ive been told that most of these acho vids are v-akuma overkill (surprise).

youve done enough with the abs, i look forward to batch two.


The a-cho vids are actually not that bad with the v-akuma/v-sak overkill. It has plenty of v-sagat, v-vega, v-sodom, as well as shinya’s a-guy. Only a few v-ryu and v-cody matches though

Anyhow, I wouldn’t say there’s no interest in a3 vids as there’s quite a few leechers on both torrents :slight_smile: Who knows, maybe we can inspire a 3s type resurgence…yeah right, but we can try :slight_smile:

Keep it up Ryu1999. Maybe we should start a thread for ppl like us sharing SF vids over Bittorent.

So far I have shared over 2gigs of ST match vids. I have more to come as soon as I can find the CD/DVD’s that they are on.

CigarBoB, Ryu1999, many many thanks for these files. They’ll be much appreciated.

I’ll start grabbing them as soon as I get home from work. Nice work, ryu1999, and thank you! :clap:

Since the original release had so many incorrect filenames I made a complete Absolution 2004 SFA3 torrent.

If you have downloaded files from Ryu1999’s torrent already get a proper client like BitComet or BitTornado which allows selective file downloading and don’t download the files you already have.

There was some A/V-Honda player that showed up in Acho as well, beat a V-Sak if I remember correctly, but lost just barely to Shinya’s A-Guy I think

That was Kiyo, not Shinya.

Good shit, thanks a lot.

i don’t really understand a3, nor do i intend to (at this point when no one plays it) but i do enjoy watching it so i’ll support the torrents in the morning, and seed like 5 GBS like i did with the ST torrent.

Thanks again.

Well, the point of uppping these vids was to combat this very attitude. I think A3 is a far more interesting game than say, CVS2, which still gets played. Just because a game is “old” doesn’t mean that its played out, especially with a game that this generation never bothered to even learn. Sort of like how ST came back because there was a flood of people who weren’t even out of diapers when it was in its heyday. I was hoping these vids would draw at least a few more people to the community, but who knows

Well that’s one of my problems, i play cvs2 because i know about 4 people who will play it at a constant rate, that also fits into my schedule for the most part. But who knows, i might learn a few v-ism setups just for the hell of it, and if it somehow gets popular again, i would definitely play :slight_smile:

A3 A3 A3

Be on the rise.

In all honesty, it’s the only game that I consistantly play on kaillera, as it is the one that is most often hosted. It is a very intricate game, with many many aspects. I gotta share this one real quick, from playing the other night cuz it was pretty crazy (never seen it before): w/ Ken, did a jump-in forward->crouching short->super rushing dp (sorry if that’s not the “correct” name). The crouching short broke my opponent’s guard, prouducing the guard break “psshew” sound and animation (lightning across the screen, opponent reeling animation), which was immediately followed by the screen going dark, with opponent still in guard break/reeling animation, the “fwoosh” sound and animation of the super unleasing, and then the super connecting. My point: this game definitely deserves attention. :smiley:

Don’t be a follower, be a leader :slight_smile:

In all seriousness though, A3 is a great game even though it has seemingly died down even in most of Japan. However, Japan has a good reason to give it up: they’ve played it enough to exploit everything in it and it does in fact turn into “fight, VC, build some meter, fight, VC” rinse repeat until someone dies or gets infinited. However, I’ve yet to hear of this type of stuff happening in the U.S. even back when people were playing it. Hell, our best players still can’t even Akuma OTG consistently, (well, at least from what I saw from the last 5 on 5, was it evo 2k2?) much less do a vega j. short infinite which requires crazy concentration and consistency. That’s why most of em play v-sak :clap:

Besides the amount of infinites (which, unless the a-cho vids are unrepresntative, don’t happen as much as haters would like to point out) in the game, the other objection most people have to A3 is of course the unique juggle system. Don’t get me wrong I believe ST’s system was the pinnacle of SF in general, but A3’s juggle system is one of the best “accidents” in SF history alongside with the 2-in-1. In fact, if it weren’t for the juggle system, every character would be much less interesting. Dhalshim would still be the toppest tier, and Guy would suck ass, for example

My only beef with A3, which ironically newbies would probably like, is the amount of easy anti-airs in the game. jab/wp and strong/mp (either standing or crouching) are almost universal anti-airs. Not only do you get the luxury of not having to have great technical skills, you don’t have to worry about not having an invincible anti-air special. As a bonus, a lot of characters can tack on specials to juggle after hitting with these moves, OR even get a CC series.

But enough about that, as long as Overdrive comes into this thread with the hateration we’ll be ok :slight_smile:

P.S. Updated first post with the Z3 Cross Demonstration that contains the most useful VCs for almost every character

I would suck ass in general, without the juggles.
I’d just Chun/Charlie that shit down.

Just to validate this statement, my buddy’s been in Japan for a month, and says a3 is non-existent there. Plenty of HSF2T (AE for those of us w/ consoles ;)), ST, and even some o.g. SF2, from what I understand. No a3 whatsoever, tho. :confused: