Street Fighter Alpha 3 Torrents

there are weekly A3 tournaments in Japan, how is it non existant?

Really? What part? My boy’s been on the search for a tourney all in and around Tokyo for the entire time he’s been there. He only found one tournament, and it was for some non-SF game (he didn’t specify in the e-mail which game it was…and he doesn’t really play anything other than SF). He’s been at The More all week, and while he didn’t specifically say that there were no a3 cabs there, he said the most comp is on HSF2:AE and ST. I do recall in the first e-mail I got from him (4 weeks ago), the first arcade he found (which was outside of Tokyo…Asahikawa, I believe?) did not have a single a3 cabinet.

other than a-cho…a3’s kinda dead

I’ve been creating SF torrents for over a year now. Someone really needs to start a common thread for us.

Those absolution 2004 vids suck, dont waste your time on them. Europe gets a total beatdown by Daigo and jap crew. If you kept up with GFB News the daigo vs masumi matches have been up on monmon’s Daigo fanpage ( But I got the full matches VHS-rip wayback anyhow. Xenozip’s CC vids are pretty much the best which can be found on CV.

*VC Tyme!

  1. I said already in the first post that the Daigo v. Masumi vids have been put out in part on his page

  2. I know a lot of people, like myself, who really only use Direct Connect as a last resort. Its slow, there’s wait times, and I have to wait for certain people to be on to get what i want, so for most people bittorrent is a lot easier to use

  3. Not to be offensive, but anyone besides japanese players, including you, would end up with the same result playing against the japanese players, so why shit on them? Besides, the Absolution vids are much more recent than anything out including the 2k3 “Ultimate Zero Direction” (aka the poorly translated 2003 Japan A3 National Championships), and…there’s not really that much good a3 footage out, so out of necessity these were the default

  4. If you have anything else constructive to contribute, please do, otherwise just dont bother replying

Host something worthwhile, the moral of the story.

Thanks for the vids Ryu1999, the absolution vids were great… I dunno why MJ#r is hating

Not worthwhile for you but it is for us. We love watching the UK get beat :clap:

I really appreciate how you’re contributing to this thread…oh wait you’re not. If people have already downloaded these vids from GFB, then they wouldn’t have bothered downloading the torrents. Either way its not really your perogative, unless you’re really bored, to monitor where people get their vids from. Besides, the whole point of this thread was for people to bust out their vids as I had already said I didn’t have any others so that was for starters. But as of yet no one, including yourself, has anything new or substantial to offer.

Moral of the story, being the l33t video holder that you are, please share vids through something else other than that POS we call Direct Connect

Thanks for playing :tup:

Have my babies.

I do. On

my sentiments exactly, lols, some good ass kicking japan style. im just bummed the only match of mine that got taped was one that i got owned in. yeah london boys fell apart huh? chunkis, the irish bum kinda did alright though.

hey MJ#R im wondering where the hate is coming from, i thought you were into sharing capcom vids? i know abs 2k4 isn’t god-tier, but there’s enough japanese skills in there to make it entertaining. especially the kiyo vs bas and kiyo vs daigo. kiyo makes ya want to drop v-ism and give up infinites.

I like the gfb ideology, but you must see the value of torrents in distrubuting large amounts of capcom data quickly. Im of the philosophy that everyone ahould have access to everything. (except the commercial stuff, read evo dvd. and i can understand emabargoing the very latest vids that have bugs that mght be worth exploiting at tourneys) whoah off topic.

where is the love?


didnt mean to offend anyone, just saying the vids arent great. <3

No harm no foul. Besides, I know you definitely contribute a lot through CV, so I was wondering why you were getting kind of offended that I was sharing some old stuff that wasn’t being hosted anymore.

Oh yeah! I have the Ultimate Zero II Team Battle 3 on 3 Ripped from VHS…I haven’t seen it posted in a while, and definitely not as in full form. It has that mythical A-Bison (dictator) beating Bas’s V-akuma :slight_smile:

Some scrubby matches between me and Axor on Kaillera will located on first page after I finish encoding them. BUMP!

Why would we want to see that? :stuck_out_tongue:


Back in the 1998 Nationals in Japan it seems every regionals came down to a A-Bison vs A-Bison, Akuma or someone else. So I figured they’ve been through some sort of crazy Bison mania.