Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper

I keep hearing people say it sucks because of the gameplay fixes but they never give any specifics. So, I’m wondering if anyone actually know what was changed??

Alpha 3 upper is Alpha 3 upper.

startup/recovery times changed for certain characters (removing their vc’s), & cc’s were removed… maybe kattobi cancels too… but the first two changes are what matter I think

A whole lot of the glitches were removed. V-ism was toned down in which most of the high damaging combos don’t work.

characters are nerfed heavily (deejay and sim are the most notable).

cant build meter off throw wiff anymore.

katobbi cancels gone

gief glitch driver gone.

crouch cancels gone, which removes infinites automatically

v-meter no longer builds up as its being drained during vc use.

cody is only known character that i know of that gets a new move (f+fierce)

vc startup invincibility severely shortened.

A-ism beefed up some

IIRC, gravity takes affect in this game after long juggling periods (juggled opponent starts to fall faster)

akuma air throw low to the ground glitch is removed

cody “permanent” dodge glitch removed

that’s all i can think of atm

Mind elaborating on this one a bit?

have akuma throw an air fireball against v-cody in regular a3, see what happens. only certain moves can get him out of the dodge animation. he is wide open to be thrown, or hit low. thats just one example thats the most well known

If he low dodes he’s only vulnerable to throws and overheads though, right? And it’s not really “permanent” it just lasts for a few seconds, yeah?

Which characters are you refering to???

and these things are considered bad…

It’s sad really. This game should have gotten more of a chance.

the fact that some of the changes were completely unnecessary to balance the game out. Crouch cancels were dope, wasnt intentionally out in the game, but neither was combos in WW. They just needed to tweak it, but capcom was lazy and just removed it instead of building upon it, an easy fix woulda have been to reinstate the corner properties if you are cc’ing the opponent during inflection so you cant keep juggling for an infinite. that would automatically wipe out 95% of the infinites. plus if they changed it to where the opponent cant build meter after the vc meter runs out but they are still continuing the combo for a few more hits, that fixes the free meter issue.

characters wrongly got nerfed. well they got tweaked in the wrong ways.

and the fact that youcan freely select shin akuma and shin bison by just holding start just made the game uber scrubby…

also, take into consideration that upper was never released in the US arcades. and all we had were the handheld ports, which dont count, and until now, we finally got a port of it on anthology. we couldnt give it a chance. japan rejected the game immediately, capcom didnt make very many copies for naomi cuz it was shunned so badly…

i think upper is more fun. all vism just gets old after a while. oh, and x-sim got a new crouching short

While we are on the subject or comparing versions of SFA3 to another, how does the Saturn Version fare with the arcade? I have heard it is the most faithful port (except maybe SFA3 in SFAA, no one has verified this), but does anyone know what exactly it lacks in accordance to arcade perfection?

a-sim is bad in this game??
what is the best char??

Best char (god char ) is Shin Bison .Totally ABUSED

I thought all console versions of a3 were the upper version? except for sfaa which you can select either

If I remember right , Upper is only on dreamcast (named Saikyo dojo and saikyo dojo for matching service which is online ) and on PS/Saturn this is another style of “Upper” version (other name though ) with some difference ( crouch cancel were still on it , Dee Jay/Sim are nightmare etc… )

ok…i try pick deejay …any diference from pxs?
is he a good char??

What do you mean ? on psx version of the game ?
If that’s the case , yes . He is a KILLING MACHINE ,because he has got instant recovery from his air slasher (projectile) . You do it ,and that’s like you can cancel it into what you want (pretty boring ,ie. your opponent jumps at you ,then go for VC1 ^^)

i try pick deejay in upper¡¡ but not know to much him… upper have a lot of changes i think max out have a big recovery in this game …

what is the best char?? ( please not post bison or shin gouki)