Street fighter alpha 3 xbox 360 + ps3

street fighter alpha 3 is easily one of my favorite fighting games
is there any talk of the alpha series coming to the next gen consoles as downloadable games?
cause since they are releasing 3rd strike online maybe there is some hope ? =)


Yes please make a Alpha 3 for the Xbox 360. It’s 100 x better than what is out now.

Meh what they could do for Alpha 3 is retone it down and give it a more VIABLE definition. Too overrated and too overly broken. Anytime I can Raging demon a person about to fall down on the ground, too much.

I read somewhere that if they will release it, but only as a PSOne classic on the PSN. I think it was Sven

alpha is not over rated. your acctualy the first person to tell me that.

also would be a shame ia alpha was ps only, thats like xbox only getting 3s oe

I.m with you bro I also love Street Fighter Alpha 3. Keep asking about it if they can get 3rd Strike on the xbox they can put A3 on also. Lets get something started here, keep bugging Seth text Oni whatever it takes, lets get this great fighter to the xbox 360.

What i really want is an upgraded version of alpha 3 max with online and hd. I’m happy they are doing alpha 3 on psone classics at least, but i really want online. And all the modes included in max.

Or how about an online version of alpha anthology? Are you shaking with awesomeness yet?