Street Fighter Alpha 3 Yun Sample

It ain’t finished…but w/e.


"Aight, so, here is a project for Yun I started two years ago with
my friend silasam…never really finished it. I was planning on showing
A-ism, X-ism and then V-ism…I didn’t quite finish all the X-ism
combos and I might do the V-ism combos later.

Music is by MaxieDaMan and is a remix of Yun & Yang’s level in 3s. Check his channel out

and I forgot…these combos are meant for showcase…they aren’t legit
combos and won’t work in a real match…well, some or half of them
would, which you’ll notice…but, overall, they don’t work in a real
match. Think of this as a “what if safe fall was gone?” kinda thing."

nice idea, the vid is entertaining.

Lol forgot to say…they are legit in that I didn’t use any custom ism. But not legit only cause of safe fall…well yeah, most can actually be done like the x-ism combos :D.

Thanks as well :).