Street Fighter Alpha 3?

Why not A3 at EVO 2004? Who’s down with that!?

First of all, EVO2003 already passed.

Secondly, find a good console version… and it will be a lot easier to make a case for A3 at EVO2004. All of the console versions, even the “least whack” Saturn version, have differences.

x-box emulated version with arcade sticks… perfect

X-Box emu options have already been brought up, however, running a tournament on an emulator is somewhat shady.

why would it matter if it was shady or not? (unless evo was being pitched to corporate sponsors or something, i dunno…)

If it’s legality issues you’re worried about, then why not have the CPS2 board on premises or something like that?

Yeah, I already brought that up to the other staff. One of the factors depends on whether or not we get official X-Box sponsorship.

hell yeah alpha 3 owns it should on evo2004.

Why did they took Alpha 3 out in 2003? I think Alpha 3 should be part of this year’s evo.

Alpha 3 would be great for Evo 2004.
Granted, there aren’t really any “PERFECT” arcade conversions (outside of emulators AFAIK), but why not take a chance with such a popular game (don’t use this thread as an example:p ). From what i’ve seen, A-Cho gets a pretty strong turnout (unless i’m mistaken) and the Japanese players from EVO 2002 and 2003 were well known for their A3 skills as well as their ability in other games (Daigo <–2k3, Ohnuki, BAS, Ino, etc.:smiley: ). Who knows what will happen.

A3 doesnt get support these days because of a lack of a good version to practice on. while there are arcade perfect conversions out there (Emulators) not everybody has access to them and even if they did, they would have to go an extra step to buy arcade sticks/controllers/converters just to play it.

Daigo doesn’t play Alpha 3 anymore(It’s what my Japanese friend says)

I say alpha 3 at evo2004.

Alpha3 Rulez!!

But, best is “Street Fighter Alpha 3 Upper”

For the Feilong, Guile, Evil Ryu players!

Street Fighter Alpha3, Dreamcast Version: (Also Available on arcades)

No Infinites (Yeah!)
More Characters for the play (Feilong, Guile, T.Hawk :cool: , Evil Ryu, Shin Akuma…)

A3 at Evo04? Hell yeah! :3

Perfect indeed. :lol:

Dreamcast/PSX/Saturn A3 = No.

people are so unimformed, all consoles, including dc have all the same cc infinites…

and whoever said having sfz3UPPER, its not ever gonna happen. only released in japan and like a totaly of 2 arcades in japan had that game before the yditched it in favor of regular a3. no one has experience at that version for it to be a good choice

They still have ST in the tourney, so why not A3? I vote for A3 to be back in EVO 2004.

First of all you’d prolly have to get Alpha 3 interest locally and start local tourneys before it would be considered a serious tourney game with a prize and not just an exhibition.

That way it would increase interest and then at EVO they might consider actually having arcade machines there in the first place instead of consoles or emulators.

Secondly alot of people might be turned off by console versions, and if you couldn’t get arcade boards you would have to find an emulator that could play the arcade rom with no problems whatsoever (some emulators have joystick input problems).

Not to mention some of the legal grey area when using emulated roms within an arcade???

Finally you have to hope that Daigo and co. would take time out of their busy kicking ass in every other game in the arcade schedule to stop and fight in a tourney with a game they aren’t really interested in anymore, and a game the top american players aren’t really interested anymore.

So I say before you try and get Alpha 3 to EVO, try and generate interest in it and people to include it in local tourneys.

Without real support with large amounts of local tourneys and top players getting interested again, you’ll prolly get an exhibition for EVO at best.

But maybe if there was an exhibition at EVO then people might get interested again when they dont see just Gouki, Sakura, Dhalsim, Gief.