:::Street Fighter Alpha Anthology:::

Did Udon do the Art Cover for the Game?
anyone got a copy of the game yet?

No, Udon didn’t do the artwork.

I have the game, it’s Alpha 1 2 & 3 + Pocket Fighter.

You already know if you like it or not.

Also, there’s like 3 threads on this in Fighting Game Discussion. Why did you post this here? Do you not know how to read or something?

…Flippin’ IDIOT…

stfu I was talking about the cover art
Was curious


I can’t say for sure but to me the artwork on the cover looks like it was done by Edayan trying out a different style. Edayan is best know for his character desings and artwork in the Phoenix Wright series and Rival Schools. He aslo did the character portraits/endings in SF2 Revival on the GBA.

Kinda offtopic, but now that you mention SF2 Revival I always had the impresion that Alvin Lee’s art (SF comic artist) resembles Edayan’s art on Revival. BTW I just got the Anthology and I’m stoked!! (my dream of having “zero loading time” ports of A1 and A2 and an A3 port with clean graphics came true) when I bought it I arrived home late and went to bed til 3:00 am just messing around and unlocking everything…everybody just go out and pick it up!!

Yeah SFAA is great! It came out at a very busy time for me so I haven’t been able to unlock everything yet. So far I’ve only beaten SFA1, SFA2 Gold and Gem Fighter. I’ll try to wrap it up and unlock everything soon, but this week is crazy for me too heh heh! I still haven’t bought my dad a father’s day gift, yikes…

The cover art for Alpha Anthology is by Bengus.

Really? Cool, thanks!

Great game, but the cover art is pretty lame imo. I would’ve done the cover better and for free. I’m not a professional artist by any means, but Capcom could’ve hired a better gfx artist. The same goes for the Brady SFAA strategy guide. Instead of copying and pasting the SFAA game coverart, they could’ve just ran a fanart contest. Whoever wins gets their piece featured as the coverart of the guide and a free copy of the guide.

Don’t get the wrong idea, the artwork isn’t bad by any means. I’m just saying it could’ve been more than what it is. It lacks inspiration.