Street Fighter Alpha Generations Sucks

Yes, just like the first Alpha movie, this one is jsut as bad, if not worse (the first one wasn’t only 45 mins was it?). This is the part where I would talk about everything I didn’t like about the movie, but since there wasn’t a single thing I did like I can jsut sum it up by saying everything s all jsut pretty horrible. Save your money, buy a bag of weed, order a pizza, hell buy crack for all I care, jsut don’t buy this movie, unless you’re going to buy it from me because I’m looking to get rid of my copy :slight_smile:

Your late.

what he said

waits for the Sakura Boobies AVs to pop up

Well shit it just came out on what, the 25th? Blame the United States Postal Service for my late news…

they showed it at evo

Man, where did those hooters COME from? It’s like they’re shrinky-dinks or something, cuz they didn’t get that big until they got wet. Then, in the next Sakura appearance, when they’re dry? Boy-chest.

I still have yet to watch it.

Random fanservice bath scene?

Yeah,her breasts just soaked up the water it seems.

Me and my bro were like “?! There is nothing there until she’s in the bath…riight”

Fan service or not, that’s some big breasts for a girl likely less than 15 who probably hasn’t ever considered a boob job. Oh well, it was funny either way, but that old man is quite sick to perv on his own grand-daughter.

Yeah and everyone here went to Evo…

Anyway I did find that kind weird abotu Sakura, and that girl wasn’t hsi real grand daughter…

A. There’s a thread on this already here. Look carefully.

B. Movie has nothing to do with Street Fighter Comics or Udon or Capcom comics in the first place so it is yet another misplaced Thread just like the other one.

Real or not, you still don’t perv like that if you take them in like that. That’s just so wrong.

Technically the movie does have something to do with Udon considering how Alivn Lee did do the cover (best bit of the movie…)

But the thread itself is not talking about the box art, that wasn’t even mentioned until you brought it up. While we’re at it we might as well start talking about PSP Darkstalkers combos since Tsang provided artwork for that too. I wonder how come so many threads get started around here that have little to do with the comic in the first place, and now 2 off topic threads about the same exact thing. Um, you guys realize that most of us check General Discussions too?

You´re grasping for straws there, sano. Majorly.

I don´t see you stoppping all the non-Udon storyline threads, the other anime thread, the toy threads and every other non-Udon stuff. So get real.

Maybe 'cuz there’s one of each and not two when all someone had to do was look at the page and see there was a thread about it, no Search engine required. What can I stop anyway. Nothing, I’m not a mod. Otherwise no offense but I would of banned you from the SF comic forum some time ago. Liefeld drawing Rival Schools, get real. :rofl:

I’m “getting” it right now, just for the Sak tits.

That’s not even worth it! It is however, worth seeing Goutetsu’s face even more mashed up by Gouki.

Well guess what, this thread was moved here by a mod so take that up with them.

I’ll just rent this, if possible and just screen caps it and post them on HerV.

Seeing a 13+ on it, I take it the scene is “work safe”. What’s also funny, the first time I saw a sketch of it, I though that was Chun-Li.