Street Fighter Alpha is coming to PSP/PS3

That’s right, as a downloadable title for both consoles. I doubt it will get any hard competition, but travelling to work while playing SF on PSP, that would be nice ^^

To bad it’s probably gonna be the PS1 port. Still pretty cool though.

Street Fighter Alpha? Why not A2 or, even better, A3?

why release it at all, alpha anthology shoulda been online (:

seriously though who knows, maybe capcom is looking to truly revive the franchise? too bad this isn’t gonna get the hd remix treatment of pocket fighter and super turbo

sounds like “it’s RIDGE RACER!!!” part two. Alpha 3 max has the psp covered…

Yah if it’s playable on PSP and PS3 I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a PsOneClassic, which would be totally pointless for me to spend money on considering I already have the game WITHOUT online play. So buying another game without online play is redundant. In the case they do support the online community, then I support them with my cash. :slight_smile:

That’s very sure, it’s gonna be PSone classic. Just for a fun, I personally wouldn’t mind spending 10 USD for that. BUt I am afraid that it will cost 20-30 USD, so it’s better to get another title.

Agree with SF-Zero2.

Why not alpha 2?

why not alpha 3? :mad:

(probably get it anyway)

That would be the only reason i’d buy it too. (already have alpha anthology)

yeah i hope it’s not. i hope it’s the alpha 3 max they had for the psp. fingers crossed

Id rather get Hyper Alpha. Why?

People love A2 and A3. I like A2, and hate A3, and I LOVE A1(chain combos, plus Ryu is good in it).

Plus, I hate SF games where the throwing is not over+P. So, if you wanna have your A3 weak ass characters with useless grabbing, and I would rather have normal over+P grabbing, and a Dragon Punch that doesn’t get beat out by standard attacks, then we should have it.

So if its online, Alpha is up my alley. Ryu, Ken, Guy.

Just get the Playstation Version…

PSP already has an amazing Alpha 3 port…

Congratulations Sony/Capcom on the most useless release ever.

Better yet get Street Fighter Alpha Anthology

^ Only so I can get a port of Pocket Fighter onto my PSP…

why would they release alpha 1, makes no sense

Should have done Alpha 2.