Street Fighter Alpha Manga Volume 2 Discussion and Spoiler Thread

Volume 2 came out this week and man is it great! With most of the plot dealt with in the last volume this one is non stop fighting! Satsui No Hadou Ryu vs. Adon! Satsui No Hadou Ryu vs. Guy! Rose vs. Vega!(M.Bison in the US) Rose vs. Vega! Boiling down to the big fight Ryu vs. Vega which is just crazy, they really push things up to almost the Dragon Ball level ha ha!

Great stuff like the first time Sakura sees Ryu and I love anything with regards to Ryu and Chun-Li’s friendship heh heh! Guy was just AWESOME in the manga man!

More tidbits on things that eventually influenced Capcom and the SFZ/A series. Dan and Blanka’s friendship! Dan being Sakura’s master! Chun-Li and Nash working together! Rose in Guy’s arms when everything’s over. Hell they even talked about the Psycho Drive oh man! :lovin:

As a bonus there’s even a preview of Udon’s translation of the Sakura Ganbaru manga and you get to see Karin’s first appearance ever - a character that Capcom liked so much that made her into a playable character, just like Satsui No Hadou / Evil / Dark Hadou Ryu lol he has a few names. :rofl:

They also show you the first brand new cover of Udon’s more faithful translation of Masaomi Kanzaki’s Street Fighter II manga, he is providing three brand new covers! Wow he’s really grown as an artist over the years, his Ryu is better than ever! His Chun-Li looks closer to Capcom’s now, even though I am a little sad because I always liked his older version that had two sets of bangs in front of her face instead of just the one. Oh well so long as he doesn’t pull a George Lucas and starts changing Chun-Li in the manga to have one set of bangs it’s all gravy train. :smile:

TOO MUCH GOODNESS GO GET THIS GOSH DARN IT! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

I was at the mall today for an eye doctor appointment and unfortunately the Borders there didn’t have the second volume yet. I might be better off just hitting up Amazon instead of trying to wait for a bookstore to actually get it. Still, it’s good to hear that there is a lot of quality material to look forward to whenever I do manage to grab a copy of it. :tup:

My comic book store’s website just updated its list with it a few hours ago so I’ll try and get it today. :slight_smile:

which street fighter comics are cannon?

I think something’s wrong with this.

End Round 12: Guy backfists Vega, reveals himself and gets a cut on the face.

Round 13: no cut-away from the Guy/Vega conflict so you can’t say they fought while we were viewing another scene. There was no fight, but Guy’s now cut in 3 places, and Vega’s now got blood streaming from his mouth and head…wtf? Did you guys miss a couple pages or something, Udon?

And why does Chun Li call it Shotokan? Was that in the original manga?

Capcom USA apparently has a huge problem with referring to Ryu/Ken/Akuma’s style as anything other than “Shotokan”. They wouldn’t even let UDON do it in their own comic.

Don’t ask me why… Maybe Capcom’s getting endorsements from the JKA or something…

None are anymore AiRiC.

I’m failing to see Guy’s cut on the face after he reveals himself, but Vega has one from Guy’s blow.

That’s the way Nakahira-sensei drew those pages. I don’t know if he meant his continuity this way though, it was around a month between rounds when they showed up in Gamest.

Nope, she says ansatsuken, Udon can’t though.:arazz:

Yeah their fight happened off panel, it’s always been that way.

I just finished reading Vol 2 and I loved it, just like Sano said its pure action! Nakahira’s portrayals of the characters are really good so far (judging by SFA Vol 1 & 2) and I’m surprised on how much those mangas influenced the games. By the way I loved Guy, that’s pretty much the way I imagined the character but Nakahira added that “vigilante” quality that I liked even more.

Now, I have always been a big fan of the old Tokuma comic, I can’t wait to see the better version that UDON is releasing…but oh well that deserves his own thread I guess.

hey dudes! do you know if Ryu Final has come out?

Not yet. Volume 1 is slated for November, so it ‘should’ come around then or later.

What’s going on with those symbols when Guy starts explaining about the Satsui No Hadou (“Dark Hadou” sounds so damn childish) and does the Custom Combo-esque barrier? Are they the old “Rin Hei/Pyo/Kyo Toh Sha Kai Jin Retsu Zai Zen” symbols?

It does doesn’t it?:rofl:

But yeah it’s “rin-hyo-tou-sha-kai-jin-retsu-zai-zen.”