Street Fighter Alpha movie...once again on Sci-Fi


God, this is such a piece of shit.

-there’s nothing more Street Fighter-like than watching some sadistic, twig-armed, barefoot anime kid body Zangief with psychic powers. Pretty fucked up how everyone gangs up on Zangief after Ryu interrupts the gawdamn match.

-the plot shows how much of an idiot Ryu is. I’m referring to the “missing brother” plot. He gets a hard-on for this kid 5 minutes after he shows up on his doorstep?

-if it wasn’t for the perv-director having a hard-on for Chun Li and showing her hips/ass every 5 scenes, then this movie probably wouldn’t have made any money. There’s actually a scene of her getting “hurt” when doing the splits…are you fucking kidding me? Chun Li getting hurt doing the splits is like Superman getting hurt from a gunshot.

-why is every person on the street in Japan either a mugger or a teen-rapist?

-why is Ken dressed like a South Park character and using the internet to find Street Fighter tournaments? This is the Alpha series, right? They didn’t even have internet, and I don’t think a “Street Fighter” tournament would be on the web anyway. Also, Steve Blum sucks.

-most overused attack in this film: one-handed face grab into ground smash. It’s like everyone in this movie took lessons from T. Hawk. The director obviously doesn’t have any creativity.

-no Guy. What the fuck.

-bad guy sucks.


get emmmm


The Dark Hadou?
The Dark Hadou?
The Dark Hadou?
The Dark Hadou?
The Dark Hadou?
The Dark Hadou?

Also love the total rip-off from the Fatal Fury 2 anime. Ryu goes all emo and gets fucked up by generic gangsters on the street. Then Chun Li’s tight ass comes to save the day once again.

Why the fuck is Sakura even in this? All she does is act retarded, flash her panties, almost get raped, and distract Ken. Well I guess that’s not too much different from the game…save the last part.

Still better than Street Fighter Alpha Generations. That shit was Bleach-level terrible.


Steve Blums actually really good. He has some pretty incredible range. He’s just in a lot of stuff is all.

Any SF Movie not named SFII: The Movie is ass tho so i dunno why you felt the need to make a topic telling everyone stuff they already know.



Better Chun tits and ass, as well.

This despite the Dic Semi at the end.

As I see it.


Blum is trash. Everyone only likes him because he’s from Cowboy Bebop, which he did great in, but outside of it he’s shit. The fact that he’s in everything and gets labeled “The King of Anime” by easily-amused otaku (who don’t know dick about talent/acting) does not mean he’s good.

I doubt everyone “knows” this movie is ass. Some people probably actually enjoyed this shit and it’s morally offensive to me.

What the fuck. Ryu and Ken get to fight…and instead of a highly-anticipated fight displaying quality exchanges in combat…it ends up being a fucking poetic moment of piano music, Chun Li nearly crying, and Ryu and Ken just bashing their heads in with generic punches and kicks? WHO WROTE THIS SHIT?

And I don’t get how Sakura constantly thinking to herself in a hospital bed gets the same amount of screen time Ken does. She’s not doing a damn thing except being a retarded anime schoolgirl (which I guess enough people jack off to, warranting her screen time).

This is probably the 20th time Japan has done the “data collecting” gimmick in a fighting anime, which is okay, but it says a lot about this film’s creativity in why people would be gathered for a fight. Now that I think about it, that’s what Street Fighter IV was about: data collection. Get a new gimmick.


Chun Li vag shots is good enough.


Heh ok then man whatever.


yo dont hate, this movie was the SHIT in 4th grade lol.

saw it again on netflix cause i was bored…its serviceable to what the alpha series was /snicker


yea it was kinda wack. the dark hadou thing was played out but I did like shun.


I don’t understand why people have such high expectations for these movie/anime adaptions of fighting games. The stories of these games serve little more purpose than being something to look at in between fights, so it’s not like there is much to flesh out with the source material. Might as well be full of cheese and fan service.


I barely remember the movie but I agreed with everything but this, have you ever pulled a muscle? From what I remember the bot dude damn near rips her in two. In real life… you’d resist that movement by tensing your muscles as hard as possible, but the bot dude was infinitely stronger than chun li therefore she tore muscles and possibly ligaments too. Actually typing this makes me wince in pain OUCH!


That damn movie made the term “dark hadou” cannon in america…and fuckin’ Udon went with it. Hate that shit. “Murderous intent” is much more appropriate. It’s not like Ryu can throw energy that makes everyone it touches evil, like some poorly animated american cartoon villain.


that’d be some shit though if he did toss evil making fireballs



I would’ve liked to see a movie with a bigger cast, like the whole SFAlpha gang. Wonder why they went with that idea? At least the Fatal Fury flick had entertaining baddies like Hauer or w/e with his voice. Shun could’ve been cool if he was somehow Akuma’s bastard child or something, or better yet just a kid who was an image of what Ryu could’ve become if he didn’t train with Gouken


wasn’t this the movie where akuma was ridiculously large?


Alpha movie was good…because it used Bengus style art, and Ryu broke someone’s neck.

/Slight Mark

Could not stand Generations, and havent ever watched that movie that came with SFIV.




Ryu dodging bullets like the Matrix was also cool


the only decent part of Generations IMO was the opening fight


He had cankles. WTF. As buff as he is? In the end upon the cliff vs Ryu he’s so damn fat that his face is sagging into his neck.

That reason is called Street Fighter II The Animated Movie. It’s hard for some people to give up hope.

Indeed. That shit was boss. That was the best SGS in SF history. Loved the damage it did. Too bad everything else sucks. Sakura and Ryu fight but Ken’s fight is never shown nor is he really shown in Ryu’s past. You get Ken’s leg.

Alpha is pure trash. I just like how ridiculously animated the gis were. As if wind was constantly blowing. Too bad they nerfed Ken so badly. Ryu and Chun Li both topple the cyborg but Ken cannot.