Street Fighter Alpha players on Godweapon, Screenames?

To everyone who plays Street Fighter Alpha games on Godweapon–which most of you I’ve played (chibi, lucky)–state which Street Fighter Alpha games you play and your AIM screename and/or MSN e-mail.

I play Street Fighter Alpha 1,2,3 (Though I play A1 and A3 more)

AIM= Goldsplinter

edit: You can also post your name, if your on any US server and have a good connection with US players… and play Alpha.

I play Alpha 3, probs picking up A1 sometime soon.

AIM: Tricky Steeve
Kaillera: sailboat SRK

I play alpha 1, 2, and 3 in godweapon.

AIM: DeezeeBlaze

Kaillera screen name: z

AIM=ChibiAbobo (hardly on)

Kaillera= Chibipotpie or ChibiPotChun

Hello, my name is mooz. I play a3 horribly but I play a2 surprisingly decent.

I play Alpha 2 and I figure I’m gonna start to learn A3 since that’s what most play. I’ll play Alpha 1 as well, it’s just A2 is my preferred.

AIM: Liquid Zerox12 (Almost never on)
Email: Zerox12 (At) gmail (Dot) com
Kaillera: Zerox12

If anybody wants to get a game going with me just email me. I’m almost always up for some Alpha 2 (When I’m not in class that is).

I’ll play any of those games.

AIM: xShiRoiKyox