Street Fighter Alpha - The Movie

I know alot of people here have probably seen it, and I was just wondering if it’s any good. Is it as awesome as the Street Fighter II animated movie?

imo, the animation’s much better than sf2:the movie.

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storyline is kind of crap, but lets hope the first alpha movie leads up to Bison and dark hadou. the fighting isnt all as great as SF2 movie, but the art is truely amazing and the part where ryu charge’s up for the dark hadou is one badass scene. though i do hate that fact that alot of street fighter characters only made cameo appearance, but yea decent movie to watch considering its still better than fatal fury movies, art of fighting movies, and that lame ass samurai shodown movie, except i havent seen the nakoruru or the haohmaru and shiki movies.

Alpha was alright, it seemed to have more its own plot than anything related to the games, though.

Maybe Alpha II will be better.

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Unless you’re a HUGE fan (and I mean HUGE) of Ryu, you will probably think that the movie is crap. I personally thought that many things were wrong with the movie hence why I thought that it was crap.

So I guess it’s pretty mediocre then? I’ll probably end up seeing it just so I can form an honest opinion.

It’s not too bad, although I’m a Ryu fan…

I bought the DVD and didn’t regret it. It was an interesting film, even if it didn’t follow the main story from the games. The animation was really nice, and the music suited the movie. Although I still like Street Fighter II more, even though they spelled Cammy’s name “Cammie” in the credits and subtitles, and she only got a five second cameo. Ken is really cool in both movies, he seems to have a lot more character than Ryu.

Well, Ken’s alot more proud and boastful than Ryu. Ryu’s the strong silent type, maybe a little reserved, and definitely more spiritual than Ken.

Both characters rule though.